KNB Scholarships
The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of Republic Indonesia offers scholarships for Masters and Doctoral Programs for international students i.e KNB Scholarship (Scholarship for Developing Country Partnership) and Darmasiswa Program Scholarship (scholarship for the Indonesian Language).
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Welcome Remarks
Greetings from Universitas Padjadjaran! As one of the largest university in Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) offers a wide range of learning opportunities with renowned professors from multifarious expertise. Unpad is dedicated itself to promote science, technology, health, economy, law, culture, arts, and society welfare
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Universitas Padjadjaran offers undergraduate, masters, doctorate, and specialist programs with a wide range of study fields that will be delivered either in Bahasa Indonesia or English. To apply, students need to fulfill the requirements.
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Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) is one of the Top 10 Universities in Indonesia (QS University Ranking 2020) located in West Java. Unpad offers a wide range of learning opportunities with renowned professors from multifarious expertises. At Unpad, not only you will be equipped with the latest knowledge to keep you relevant and globally competitive, you will also develop lifelong skills that will be beneficial for your future career.


Kantor Internasional

Self-Love and Self-Development Matters

In the midst of our busy lives, we often forget to say thank you to the one person who deserves it all, our own self. Appreciating every single progress that we have done, even though it is little, is one of the many ways for

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News and Info
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FTG Unpad Prepares Virtual Field Lecture Program

Release: Marlina Mustikaningsih Translation by Felya Amaraputri [, 16/02/2021] The Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) Faculty of Geological Engineering is implementing learning innovations in a form of virtual field lecture and virtual laboratory. These two innovations were carried out as an effort to anticipate the constraints of

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Rikkyo University Exchange Program Fall 2021

Located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan, Rikkyo University is one of the leading universities in Japan that was built to catch up with the advanced nations of the West. The university has a vision that knowledge and technology are often seen as tools for prosperity and

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What our international students said about studying in Unpad?

Elmar Iskandarov
Elmar IskandarovAzerbaijan
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I choose to study in Indonesia because my love to Indonesia. I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the students attracted to the ‘Developing Countries Partnership’ program by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia. Having a strong background in theory of International relations, the Post-Graduate program in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) helped me strengthen my skills in international relations and political sciences and exposed me to a variety of real world problems where international relations and political science is very important.
Seung Hyun Kim
Seung Hyun KimSouth Korea
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5 Tahun di Fakultas Farmasi (FF) Universitas Padjadjaran itu waktu yang luar biasa dan unforgettable buat saya. Semua staf, tim dosen, dan most of all, all my dear friends membuatnya [sangat berharga] !!! Time flies fast ketika Saya belajar di sini selama 5 tahun dan setiap momen itu spesial ~ Terimakasih untuk semuanya !!! ^~^

Unpad 약대에서의 5년이란 시간은 저에게 있어 아주 특별한 시간이었습니다, 교수진들 스탭들 무엇보다도 친구들이 그 5년이란 시간을 아주 값진 시간으로 만들어 주지 않았나도 싶구요... 비록 약대라는 학업이 아주 생소하긴하였지만 이 분들 덕분에 아주 즐겁고 값지게 보냈지 않았나도 싶구요. 이 값진 시간 행복했던 시간 잊지는 못할거같습니다. 사랑합니다 그리고 고맙습니다 나의 사랑스런 모교 Universitas Padjadjaran !!! ^~^
Mouna Boulghami
Mouna BoulghamiAzerbaijan
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My name is Mouna, one of Unpad's international students. I came from Tunisia in 2013 to do my master's in management here in Unpad. I have chosen this university based on its reputation and the feedback from my friends here, I’d like to say during my two years here [that reputation] has been already proven and I’m more than glad to be an Unpad student. A very nice system and curriculum in constant development, the lecturers are the friendliest you can ask for and easy to communicate with, always ready to give a supporting hand.

Right now, I’m only left to look forward to my graduation soon and prove the name and knowledge I’ve gotten from UNPAD in my future careers.


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