Upholding Local Culture Towards a Global Stage


Nanzan University academic, Prof. Dr. Mikihiro Moriyama, delivering a key presentation in the online seminar “From West Java to the World: Strategi Percepatan Internasionalisasi Unpad Menuju World Class University,” Thursday (27/8). This activity is the second webinar held in the context of Unpad’s 63rd Dies Natalis.*

[unpad.ac.id, 28/8/2020] Upholding local language and culture can serve as a role for institutions when taking part in an international stage. Aside from having pride, a high level of self-confidence regarding what your country has is also required.

“If you don’t have pride in yourself, your own culture, and your own language, I don’t think you can go global,” said Prof. Dr. Mikihiro Moriyama from Nanzan University, Japan, as the key speaker in the online seminar “From West Java to the World: Strategi Percepatan Internasionalisasi Unpad Menuju World Class University,” Thursday, (27/8).

According to Prof. Mikihiro, Indonesia has many local cultural strengths that its people can be proud of. Among these are the diversity of languages and cultures. For Unpad, upholding Sundanese language and culture is also an important key in increasing its standing.

This Japanese academic, who is fluent in Indonesian and Sundanese also recommended having multilingual skills. Aside from being able to broaden perspectives and knowledge, the ability to understand many languages can also become a strength to take action at the world level. Despite that, the mother tongue should be the main language.

In addition, he also emphasized that universities need to continue to increase their academic contributions. Research products are also very important.

“We have to think about the contribution to the world and the global community,” said Prof. Mikihirio.

Other than Prof. Mikihiro, the webinar also featured key speaker Prof. Dr. Alfons Oude Lansink from Wageningen University, Netherlands. On this occasion, he explained Wageningen University’s strategy in increasing its presence in the global world.

The webinar that was moderated by the Head of the Unpad International Office, Ronny Lesmana, PhD, also presented several Unpad Deans as speakers, namely the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof. Yudi Azis, the Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Yuyu Yohana Risagarniwa, Ph.D., the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Nina Djustiana, and the Dean of the Faculty of Geological Engineering, Dr. Vijaya Isnaniawardhani.

In his remarks, Vice Rector of Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hendarmawan, M.Sc., hoped that the webinar could become one of the strategies in making Unpad a world-class university.

“Hopefully this second webinar series can provide insight into strategies and solutions for Unpad in order to achieve internationalization and be beneficial to the community, at the West Java, national, and global levels,” hoped Prof. Hendarmawan. (arm)*


Report by Artanti Hendriyana

Translation by Shabrina Maharani

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