Unpad Student Develop Nano Bubble for Passive Cooling of Nuclear Reactor

[unpad.ac.id, 15/7/2019] Some Universitas Padjadjaran Physics students developed a cooling system that’s capable of cooling faster than a nuclear reactor active cooling system. This research is cooperated with the National Nuclear Power Institute (Batan).

The students are Intan Farwati, Try Hutomo, and Rosaldi Pratama. The three developed a cooling system by using nano-sized gas-filled bubbles. This material is called ‘nanobubble’.

Try explained, the research on nano bubbles came from a research done by an Indian scientist, G. Senthilkukmar. Through the research, nanobubbles are kept in heated water.

The research shows that the bubbles has a high heat capacity and conductivity. However, this nanobubble can cool water faster than normal water without nanobubble.

In the research, Try and his friends try to develop these nanobubbles for more complex use, to help passive cooling in a nuclear reactor active cooling system.

Batan itself has made a prototype nuclear reactor cooler called Pre-FASSIP 02 (Passive System Preliminary Facility). The passive cooling system is a mitigation in case the active cooling system is not functional. The development started after the nuclear reactor accident a few years ago in Japan.

Try explained, for this passive cooling system to work better, the nanobubbles act as a water-replacement fluid to give higher buoyancy and faster environment circulation. The faster the circulation, the better the cooling system works.

“As a result, the nanobubbles can speed up the cooling process by 10 times. The water containing nanobubbles can lighten movement. Other than water containing nanobubbles, it also has better heat resistance,” explained Try in a release accepted by Unpad Public Communication Office.

Hopefully, the use of nanobubbles can decrease risk from nuclear reactor accident, increasing the safety.

This research is one of the Creative Student Program in the Exact Research category (PKM-PE) that is funded by the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology, and Education.

Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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