Unpad ICT Law Expert on EIT Law Amendment: Digital Literacy is Also Important

Report by Arif Maulana

Translation by Nafia Hasna Tsamara

Dr. Sinta Dewi, LL.M.. (Photo: Dadan Triawan)*

[unpad.ac.id, 17/02/2021] President Joko Widodo  had a discourse to revise the law on the Electronic Information and Transaction Legislation or UU ITE. This amendment was done to erase several unclear or ambiguous articles in the legislation.


According to Universitas Padjadjaran’s expert on technology, information, and communications law, Dr. Sinta Dewi, LL.M., on one hand, this amendment ensures that the public has the same standing on the eye of the law. On the other hand, proper punishment still has to be delivered.


“This consideration is not something that comes easily,” said Sinta when interviewed by Unpad Public Communications Office, Wednesday (2/17).


This was due to the double-sided application of the legislation. On one side, if there were no proper punishment, anyone could easily upload any type of content on the internet and social media. On the other side, the legislation jeopardized the public’s freedom of speech.


Indonesia was not the only country with these issues. The lecturer on Unpad Faculty of Law explained that several developing countries also faced these legal issues of the freedom of speech. Moreover, the lack of digital literacy among the general public was also a factor.


“Law enforcement has to filter various types of posts. They have to see if the post is truly detrimental or not to avoid any unease among the public,” said Sinta.


Sinta also stated that there needs to be a clear qualification within the amendment to decide whether a case is genuinely harmful or not. “The legislation needs to be reviewed again by the government and the House of Representatives (DPR) ,” Sinta noted.*

You can read the original article in Indonesian here: https://www.unpad.ac.id/2021/02/soal-revisi-uu-ite-ahli-hukum-tik-unpad-literasi-digital-juga-penting-dipahami-masyarakat/

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