Unpad has officially Joined the European Union Consortium on Sustainable Tourism

[unpad.ac.id, 4/4/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran has joined the EU Project consortium on “Integrated Ecotourism Management in Indonesia” (INTEM). The European Union consortium aims to support the development of a sustainable tourism sector in Indonesia through an academic approach.

Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad (second from left) along with Dean of the Unpad Faculty of Economics and Business Yudi Azis PhD (right), at the kick-off meeting to commence the EU Project consortium on “Integrated Ecotourism Management in Indonesia” (INTEM) in Bandung, Monday (1/4). *

The consortium consisted of Unpad, Indonesia University of Education, Trisakti School of Tourism, the Leiden Ethnoscience and Development Program of Leiden University from the Netherlands, CIHEAM and ASTEK from Greece, the Martha Tilaar Foundation, and the Indonesian Heritage Society.

The EU Project INTEM consortium was officially opened at a kick-off meeting held in Bandung on Monday (1/4). During the meeting, Unpad was represented by Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Yudi Azis, PhD, and a number of Unpad lecturers.

One of the work plans that will be carried out is to develop a master’s program in the field of Ecotourism with an integrated approach. This program is planned to launch in the next three years.

In the first year, the consortium will focus on preparing a menu from the new master’s program. Furthermore, in the second year there will be a Training of Trainer (ToT) for 15 prospective tutors from Unpad, UPI, and Stiepar Trisakti. This training will be held in the Netherlands and Greece for 3 months.

In the third year, the master’s program will begin to accept new students. This program is implemented in 3 consortium member universities. In Unpad, this program will be included as a specialization of the Master in Management program of the faculty of Economics and Business.

In the release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office, the Rector said that the collaboration with the work sample in West Java was the right thing, given that West Java is an area that plays an important role in development in Indonesia.

“I am happy that the word ‘eco’ has been embedded into this concept. Because this indicates that it not only supports tourism but also the preservation of the environment and nature for the future. We hope that this program will have a positive impact on the wider community, West Java, Indonesia and even the world,” he said.

In line with the Rector, Dr. Yudi also conveyed that this collaboration shows the amount of attention that the academic world has towards the development of the tourism sector in the country.

However, the development of the tourism sector does not focus solely on economic and business aspects. Tourism must be supported to be able to provide benefits to local communities and the surrounding environment.

“With this integration, it is expected that tourism development will not only focus on economic and business aspects, but also community development and sustainability. So, this concept can provide significant positive benefits for the community and the environment,” he said.

The meeting was directly attended by Professor of Leiden University, Prof. L.J. Slikkerveer. Prof. Slikkerveer explained that there are a number of crucial issues that must be understood in the Indonesian tourism sector. These issues include skilled human resources and the utilization of nature and its resources which have not yet focused on sustainability.

“The Indonesian government is currently focusing on ecotourism strategies which are expected to be able to maintain the preservation of nature, which also enhances the welfare of rural communities. However, the involvement of the local community is still unsuccessful in this. Therefore, there is INTEM, a comprehensive sustainable tourism program that maintains biodiversity while also developing the local economy,” he said. “The INTEM Consortium,” continued Prof. Slikkerveer, “Is an integration of 3 approaches, namely ecotourism, ethnocultural tourism, and community based tourism.” *

Release / am | Translated by Shabrina Maharani

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