Unpad Global Outreach and Exposure (U-GLOBE): Let’s Study in Unpad

U-Globe is a one-day event with the goals to get to know the international program offered at Universitas Padjadjaran deeper. The events will cover various topics about education such as scholarships, Indonesian language and culture class, and a mini talk show with the international students of Unpad.

With foreign students in mind, U-GLOBE will focus on introducing the available study programs of Unpad faculties to interested participants. Each faculty will be given the opportunity to introduce their studies, achievements, and speciality for around ten minutes.

Students will also be given a chance to ask questions regarding university life, study programs, and scholarships. Unpad students and faculty members will have the opportunity to satiate their curiosity about Unpad and the education in Indonesia.

You will not only broaden your knowledge and connection through U-GLOBE, but also you will get an e-certificate after your participation in the free class where you learn about Indonesian language and culture.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us along the event! We will welcome you warm heartedly by answering your questions and quench your curiosity.

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