Unpad Agricultural Industrial Technology Program Holds “Tin Agroindustrial International Week”


Translation by Aura Hanifatus Saskia

Dean Building of the Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Universitas Padjadjaran. (Photo: Dadan Triawan)*

[unpad.ac.id, 01/12/2020] The Agricultural Industrial Technology (TIN) Study Program of Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) together with the Student Association of Agricultural Industry Technology held a series of “TIN Agroindustrial International Week” event which lasted for a week, 2327 November 2020.


This event is a series of online seminars (webinars) that present several speakers from various countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan. Taking the theme “Agroindustrial Technology Innovation and Commercialization”, this event is expected to broaden students’ insights about the prospects in the agro-industry.


Students are also expected to be able to increase awareness in understanding problems in the fields of agro-industry, agro-industrial innovation, as well as technology and commercialization in various countries.


The Head of Unpad Agricultural Industrial Technology Study Program, Dr. Efri Mardawati, hopes that this activity can initiate and produce collaborations with global universities and communities in line with the implementation of the Independent Campus policy.


“In addition, [the event] could open up the views and pathways for students to carry out international-scale activities,” said Efri in a release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office.


The first day of the webinar on November 23 featured Dr. Aida Firdaus from Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia, also the founder of Una Coffee, and Dr. Hanilyn Aguilar Hidalgo from CBSUA, Philippines.


Aida Firdaus gave a presentation on “Business Innovation on Agroindustry”. According to Aida, several stages are needed to create a product innovation such as finding ideas, screening ideas, conducting research, designing products, conducting market testing, and finally product launching.


For this reason, creative problem-solving processes and brain-writing using double diamond design thinking and a canvas business model for mapping can be carried out.


Meanwhile, Hanilyn Aguilar Hidalgo emphasized the importance of building empathy and innovation. According to her, a competitive environment triggers innovation. “That’s where innovation generates creativity,” said Hanilyn.


The second webinar was held on November 25 with the speaker Asst. Prof. Chutima Waisarayutt from Kasetsart University of Thailand and Prof. Royozo Noguchi from the University of Tsukuba of Japan.


Chutima explained that with a mindful brain, wellbeing solutions, and better production aspect, the public can overcome and deal with various problems, especially in the agro-industry field in the future.


On the other hand, Prof. Royozo Noguchi said that the use of technological advances and the provision of a good education to agro-industry activists were able to encourage Japan to become the largest industrial country in the world.


“In the final session, the speakers have expressed their willingness to establish further cooperation in the form of student and staff exchanges, student internships, and joint research with the Agricultural Industrial Technology Study Program. This is the output that we hope for,” said the Academic and Student Affairs Manager of the Unpad FTIP, Kharistya Amaru, Ph.D.


The third day of the implementation of the Embracing Globalization Through Agroindustry Talkshow was held on November 27. This activity presented two speakers, namely M.M. Malikul Ikram from PPI Japan as well as Ahmad Fauzan from IAAS LC Unpad.(arm)*

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