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Welcome Note

Universitas Padjadjaran would like to invite you to our Summer Program in Bandung – Pangandaran, Indonesia. This program is one of our projects to show our international links in a compact 14 days program which is open to any current international students. Our 14 days Summer Program will be held in Bandung and Pangandaran coastal village (July 11 – 24). We offer some exciting program includes cultural programs such as traditional dance and music lesson, academic program, social activities, Indonesian language lesson, and many more!

With this year Summer Program theme “Empowering Integrated Culture and Art for Tourism via Digital Economy 4.0” hopefully it will give insight and explore more about cultural and art tourism. Not only get by lecture, you also may come to many wonderful west java tourism destinations to see the process .


About Unpad Summer Program 2019

The annual 14 days-program held by university which consists of cultural and art activities, lectures, group work and presentation. This year’s program will be held in Bandung and Pangandaran.

Empowering Integrated Culture and Art for Tourism via Digital Economy 4.0

Who should join this program?

Any Undergraduate or Master students who are interested to learn about Indonesia, Indonesian culture and the coastal life in West Java, you are most welcome to apply!

The Outcome of this program

Participants will be divided and will be assigned into groups. Each group should develop a proposal on how to use technology in improving economy via tourism industry.

The examples of proposals :  Business Model of a new technology related for the use of tourism industry

  • How to implement digital economy for tourism industry
  • How to preserve culture and arts for the strength of tourism industry

The final result of each group be presented to the panel of juries consists of academics, business practitioners and IT expert.

Predeparture Research Activities

Before joining to our summer program, we would like you to explore ideas from your home country.

Write an essay maximum of 2 pages answering these questions:

  1. What kind of idea from culture and art that can be explored for tourism industry?
  2. How can that idea be integrated into digital economy system?
  3. What does make a country considering its potential to empower their tourism through digital economy system?



This program allowed me to learn a lot of knowledge that cannot be learned from textbooks. At the same time, I also realized the enthusiasm and help of Indonesian students and teachers. We went to many tourist attractions with Indonesian characteristics. We liked them very much. We not only learned a lot of knowledge during the trip, but also made a lot of new friends. During this trip, we also got closer to anggelong and the culture from Java to Suku Sunda. I like the project of this school very much, and I fell in love with the city of bandung because of this project. Given the chance, I will definitely go to this city again.

Linda Tang, Guangxi University of Foreign Languages - China

ตลอดระยะเวลา 2 สัปดาห์ในโครงการซัมเมอร์แคมป์ครั้งนี้ เป็นช่วงเวลาที่ดีมากๆ ทำให้ฉันได้รู้จักกับเพื่อนใหม่ๆ ที่มาจากหลายๆประเทศ ซึ่งมีความแตกต่างกันทั้งวัฒนธรรม อายุ และภูมิลำเนา อีกทั้งฉันยังได้ไปสถานที่ท่องเที่ยวต่างๆ ที่สวยงามมากมายในประเทศอินโดนีเซีย

This summer program allows me to make new friends despite the culture , age , background differences. Furthermore , I got to explore the in-sight of indonesia including the hidden attractive spot and many more in the Java area. It is a great opportunity!

Chutikan Rajsurasawad, Mahidol University - Thailand

Unpad Summer Program

Unpad Summer Program
The summer of 2018 was very exciting for me.
I met a lot of people, learned about culture, and had valuable experiences.
The reason I wanted to participate in this program is not to know Indonesian life and culture at all despite researching Indonesia.
Honestly, I was uneasy about this two week in Indonesia. One reason is that hot water does not come out and tap water can not be consumed. But the main reason was that Japanese participant was only me. In fact, I can not say that I am a student who is good at English. I was very worried that I could get along with everyone alone. But I didn’t need to worry at all. All the university students, teachers and program participants were kind and able to get along with everyone. At last day, we cried for sad..hahaha
So if you are worried about taking part in this program for the same reason as myself, I think you should join! I think it will be an unforgettable summer for you!

Kyouhei Ogawa, Utsunomiya University - Japan

Program Agenda


Other Information

How to Get to Bandung?

If your flight arrives at Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta, you can take shuttle to Bandung (such as Cititrans). The fee is around IDR 180,000 – IDR 220.000 (USD 20)


In Bandung you will be staying in University’s hotel facility.

Visa Information

Foreigner with Visa Exemption facilities will be granted Visit Stay Permit for 30 (thirty) days; Not Extendable and Can not be converted into another type of stay permit
Visa on Arrival (35US$, 30 days valid, extendable (once for 30 days) There are 169 free visa countries, please visit official immigration website to check whether your country is on the list.


Please make a fee payment of

for Early Bird Phase (Before June 1st, 2019) USD 270 (International applicants); USD 90 (Unpad International students)

for Normal Price (After June 1st, 2019) USD 300 (International applicants); USD 100 (Unpad International students) to:

Bank Name : BNI46 (Bank Negara Indonesia)

Account Number : 9882340540101063

Payment Deadline : June 30th, 2019

*accommodations, 3 times meal/day, health insurance, social programs and field trips are all included in the above fees, excluding the transport from home country to Bandung and way back also excluding your visa. Since the summer program is financially supported by the university, the program is very affordable and great value for the money.

What to Bring in your Backpack

  • Light clothes, Bandung is about 23-29 Celcius all year round. Pangandaran is about 32-37 Celcius.
  • Personal medicine and snack. We encourage you to bring traditional snack of your country to share with others participants. Participants are also encouraged to share their traditional music and dances.
  • You may bring something unique about your country (flag, or traditional dress) for photo sessions and international day.
  • More formal dress (long sleeves) for meeting with Government and Village officials.
  • Modest Swim Wear. Bikini is not very common in Indonesia.
  • Umbrella. Bandung and Pangandaran often have rain in the afternoon.