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Unpad provides a wide range of activities to fulfill your interest outside your studies. If you want to explore your passion for art, music, sports, or any other field, there are 34 student clubs (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa/UKM) in Unpad. The club list is provided below.

There are also opportunities for volunteers in your free time. You may join various kinds of events held by Unpad Students and sign up as a committee. Unpad provides these opportunities for you, whether you want to make a difference for the local community, obtain work experience relevant to your study program, improve your employment prospects, learn some new skills and experience, or simply to meet new people with diverse backgrounds.

Student Clubs (UKM) in Unpad:

GSSTF is a student club in Unpad that focuses on art, theater, and movie. In the last 2 years, GSSTF has achieved more than 20 awards for movies and theater performances that they have made.

Lingkung Seni Sunda (Lises)

UPBM has the purpose to study, expand, and promote the Minangkabau Culture, as one of the national cultures. Students do not need to come from West Sumatera to be a UPBM member. Last January 2020, UPBM has performed on Malam Cinta Indonesia, which was held by Tsukuba University, Japan.

Spektrum gathers Unpad students who are interested in photography. A lot of its members are working in creative industries. Spektrum also has its own annual photo exhibition.

PSM Unpad is known as one of the biggest student clubs in Unpad. They have won lots of national and international choir competitions. PSM Unpad is the first Indonesian university student choir club that had competed at European Grand Prix.

This Student Club is formed by Unpad students who can play ensemble. PEC has participated in IOEF, the biggest orchestra and ensemble festival in Asia, and had brought home a bronze medal in IOEF 2019.

SPDC is the place for students to expand their interest and talent in music and dance. SPDC has been actively participating in internal and external events, such as the national marching band competition.

UBTU gathers Unpad students who want to develop their potential in badminton. Not only badminton, but students also could learn about managerial skills in UBTU. UBTU has won a lot of badminton championships.

UBVU has been the place for Unpad students to feed their interest and talent in Volleyball. This student club has won competitions, either in Men volleyball competitions or Women’s volleyball competition.

This student club focuses on hockey. Hockey is a sport that has similar gameplay to soccer. There are two kinds of hockey: field hockey and indoor hockey. UHU has snatched champion places in competitions.

URU has the goals to develop students’ interest, talent, and potential in swimming. Students do not need to be experts in swimming to join URU. URU gives training to members who can’t swim but have the desire to learn.

This campus-level student organization is engaged in the field of soccer and futsal. Their programs focus on participating in the national-level and ASEAN-level soccer or futsal competition. USBU also held a national event for soccer and futsal.

UCMU is a student club for Unpad students who has a passion for chess. UCMU has participated in regional and national competitions. They have a coaching clinic and a mini tournament that is held weekly.

UBU is the place for students to explore their hobby in Bridge. Bridge is not a gambling card game, but is considered a sport. UBU has participated in Bridge competitions at the regional level and international level.

Flag Football is a sport that adapts the American Football. The difference is, in Flag Football, we lessen the physical contact with opponents. UFFU has won the regional league in 2nd and 3rd place 5 times.

UBBU is the Unpad Basketball Club. Unit Bola Basket Unpad is included in the top 4 University Basket Clubs in West Java. UBBU’s Men Team has joined the National Competition for University Students in 2018 and 2019.

IAAS focuses on the agriculture field. This student organization is known as NGO in the United Nations. In Indonesia, IAAS exists in 11 Universities (including Unpad), and called as the Local Committee.

ESU focuses on activities that improve critical thinking, public speaking, and mastering english. Their main focus programs are debates and Model United Nation. ESU members had been selected as Indonesia’s Delegation for international MUNs.

UKM Kempo Unpad is one of the student clubs for Martial Arts that originated from Japan. This club has a routine training activity. In the last 2 years, they had accomplished a lot of achievement.

UTDU is a club for either Unpad Students or others who want to discipline themselves and learn the martial art Tarung Derajat. Tarung Derajat has been known as one of the Indonesian Martial Arts.

This student club engages in the field of one of the Pencak Silat organization. Merpati Putih Unpad is under the Bandung Branch Merpati Putih Organization for their training group. They snatched 6 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals in the SLOC competition.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. This martial art emphasizes on kicking techniques. Taekwondo also has a lot of competition events. Unit Taekwondo Unpad has routine training and participates in competitions.

Perisai Diri is one of the martial arts organization of Pencak Silat, a martial art from Indonesia. Perisai Diri was one of the organizations involved in the establishment of IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia).

Korps Sukarela PMI Unit Unpad (red cross) emphasizes activities in humanity and social activities. This student club clings firmly to the Palang Merah Indonesia (Indonesian red cross) principles.

Unit Search and Rescue (SAR) is an organization that gathers people who have a high concern toward others around them based on humanity. Their consistency has been shown through their activities in SAR and disaster response.

KPM is a student club that gathers Unpad students who have a passion in the field of protocol. When KPM is in charge, they get the opportunity to meet the President, Minister, Governor, and other important people.

Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Pencinta Alam Unpad has the goals to channel their members’ interest and talent in outdoor adventures. Some of their operational activities are Susur Gua (down the cave), rafting, and rock climbing.

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