Tourism and Leisure in Bandung

Indonesia has been widely known for its vast country along South East Asia. Known for harboring for at least 600 ethnic groups, all of them were spread through the islands. However, the country has five main islands which are Kalimantan, Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi, and Papua. Rich in culture and heritage, Indonesia provides many entertainment and education for tourists who take an interest in said country. In the advancement of economic development, Indonesia has been taking part in the dynamic growth of economics in Southeast Asia. It is now becoming one of the major destinations of tourism, socio-cultural source, as well as business investments in the region. With the blend of traditional and modern culture of its society, Indonesia is a unique country with many attractive aspects to offer to the world.
Here are the most visited places in Indonesia, especially in Bandung:

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban perahu is a volcano, 25 kilometers north of Bandung direction of Lembang. Its location is in between Sagalaherang village, Sagalaherang district, Subang regency and Cikole village, Lembang district, Bandung regency. This is Bandung’s most famous tourist volcano just 28 km north of the city. This volcano offers many places to see and explore. Whether we look into the huge crater or hike down into it, stroll through the forest on its slopes, or simply enjoy the splendid panoramic scenery.

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih, The White Crater is a lake on the mountain. Kawah Putih can easily be reached by car all the way to the rim and then it is a 100 metre walk to the lake itself. It is a very nice colorful lake. Far to the south of Bandung, the hill becomes greener. The fresh air flows through the bamboo trees marching along the way. Kawah Putih, The White Crater, is waiting for those who want to contemplate there.

Ciater Hot Spring

Ciater Hot Spring is a nice park with small pools in which we can sit or swim. The streams and pools are fed by warm mineral springs, which are created by the heat from nearby volcanoes. About 30 minutes from Tangkuban Perahu crater. Ciater is a pretty little place in the middle of a huge tea estate. Its main attraction is the Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort; the pools are probably the best of all the hot springs around Bandung. If you are looking for a nice place to unwind and have an amazing bath then this is the place that you seek.

Green Canyon

Green Canyon is a river-cave-waterfall unique travel spot located at 31 km south of Pangandaran. The real name is Cukang Taneuh, Green Canyon itself called by some france tourist when they first visit at 1993. Green Canyon is part of Cijulang River that goes through a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites surrounded by two beautiful green hills. Boat to green canyon can be rented at the Ciseureuh dock to reach this area. Green Canyon is located not far from Batukaras and Nusawiru Airport (31 km south of Pangandaran).

GH Universal

GH Universal is a hotel located in Lembang, Bandung that became a tourist spot for its architecture. Its aesthetic of a Renaissance era of Europe brought people to take a picture here for memories. Not only that, they also provide an eat and dine experience with an excellent view of Bandung night panoramic view. Be sure to take as many pictures here day and night for it would improve your instagram feed.

Gedung Merdeka

This building is famous because of the events that took place inside. The Asia Africa Conference that was held in 1955 placed its mark on the building. The building became a museum that provides its visitors with an assortment of information about the gruesome yet patriotic history. Various types of artefacts were preserved inside the museum as a piece of evidence.

Goa Belanda and Goa Jepang

Indonesia has a long history of being colonized by several countries. One of the traces that was left by the colonizers was two caves located inside Taman Hutan Raya Juanda. There are over 15 tunnels used as a resting place, prison, and interrogation room. You can surely fill yourself with historical information while listening to the local guide about the history of these caves.

Shopping at Bandung

23 Paskal

23 Paskal is a contemporary mall filled with well-known retailers, hotels and food courts. Its location near a train station makes it an easy place to visit. The mall provides lots of entertainment since it has game arcade, trampoline park, cinema, and other attractions. A place where you can shop local and international products.

Paris van Java

Paris Van Java has a unique concept with an open-air resort layout. Walk down Via Latina and enjoy strolling next to white doves from Holland. Located in the heart of Bandung’s most upscale region, Paris Van Java is situated in the Sukajadi area. Our resort and lifestyle place contains around 200 tenants that offer different types of products and services.

Cihampelas Walk

Cihampelas Walk, located in the fashion shopping area (the exact center of the jeans store) Cihampelas streets of Bandung which have long been famous as a tourist destination both locally and overseas. From Cihampelas Walk, the frenzied atmosphere of the mingled Cihampelas road between rows of shops and vehicle traffic, would not be felt. Inside the mall, it will be beautiful and clean whereby visitors will feel more comfortable for shopping. Click here for more details.

Trans Studio Mall

Trans Studio Mall is a place where you can enjoy endless shopping and entertainment in Bandung. Different from any other malls, it has merged with a theme park called Trans Studio Bandung. The indoor park contains lots of rides such as rollercoaster, haunted house, vertigo, and many others. Also, catch their amazing parades and drama that will surely entertain you for the day.

Bandung Indah Plaza

Bandung Indah Plaza is strategically located on Jalan Merdeka which is the main road in Bandung. Jalan Merdeka is an extension of Jalan Ir. H. Juanda (known as Dago area) and is a one-way major road of the City that connects North Bandung to South Bandung. Alternative access to BIP is along Jalan Sumatera, a one-way secondary road that also connects the Northern to Southern side of Bandung. As one of the major roads in Bandung, the area along Jalan Merdeka is occupied intensely by commercial developments, including retail, hotels, and office developments. Click here for more details.

Bandung Trade Center

BTC is a fashion shopping object that provides its customers with the latest fashion trend. The main target market of this mall is the Bandung community, in particular, and other cities' communities in general, especially women. BTC has a strategic location because it is located in the potential business region with rapid development of business offices, hotels & restaurants, gas stations, middle and upper class communities, as well as education areas.

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