Campus Life

Rectorate of UNPAD in Jatinangor

The main campus of Universitas Padjadjaran is located in Jatinangor. Almost 80 percent academics and researches activities are found in this green campus. Living in Jatinangor means students and scholars will experiencing vibrant, warm and progressive city environment. Jatinangor offers high quality of students and scholars living standards starting from recreational facilities, mall, and transportation to support academics’ activities.

Universitas Padjadjaran’s warm and dynamic educational atmosphere can be directly sensed as soon as we entered inside campus. It is an intense camaraderie that starts in the study groups combining with the green and outstanding natural touch. The diversity of Universitas Padjadjaran’s campus nurtures individuals to develop and expand their capacity and capability. As a member of this humanism community, student’s unique qualities are valued in classroom discussions, student activities, study group all-nighters, and teamwork negotiations.

Life in Universitas Padjadjaran’s campus is full of opportunity. There is so much going on entertainment, culture, sports, and family events inside and outside campus. Students and faculty-staff members will get to know the superb landscape combining green and charming society. It makes Universitas Padjadjaran’s campus is the best place to enrich knowledge and scientific production.

Think about life quality when student candidate make a decision to which university will be chosen. It matters because the life you are building is not just for the next couple of years but it is also marked as an unforgotten experience during our life. Universitas Padjadjaran’s network and friendships endure because of the quality of the life experiences that formed them. Throughout our life, we will continue to benefit from the kind of relationships that Universitas Padjadjaran fosters.

Universitas Padjadjaran’s is conscious about the importance of social capital for world class educational institution. That should explain why communities are very valuable assets and kept by Universitas Padjadjaran’s. Universitas Padjadjaran organized a sense of belonging between its students, staffs, and communities through institutionalizing community services and facilities. We are committed to bridge academic life and community life in order to bring our civitas-academica into a better life and community.