New students are advised to apply early for on-campus accommodation, but however they must be prepared for not getting a place on the campus. Therefore it is worthy to be prepared to look for off-campus accommodation. Although this may take some time, additional expenses and patience. However, students do not need too much worry about it. The International Office staff will assist new students to find a suitable accommodation upon request.
If prior to their arrival in Indonesia the new students have yet to find suitable place to live, they will be suggested to live in temporary accommodation until they find accommodation, either on-campus or off-campus.

Temporary Accommodation
For temporary accommodation in Bandung or Jatinangor, we suggest on-campus guesthouses. We will make a reservation for new students at one of these guesthouse options as soon as we receive confirmation.

Student Dormitory
UNPAD Dormitory could be easily known as a place of living for students. Hundreds of UNPAD students from various places came to live here.