Living in Indonesia

Living in Indonesia means that you are able to see many cultures. Because of this, the people are mostly open and friendly towards each other and that’s why you don’t need to worry about not blending in. Tolerance because of the difference in cultures, religions, and others can be felt especially in a university setting.

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Living in Bandung

The cold air in Bandung is one of the reasons why the city is comfortable. The friendly neighbor and overall atmosphere gave comfort to those who live in the city. Surrounded by mountains, Bandung’s view was one of the prominent reasons the city became a tourist spot. With many entertainments such as nature settings to modern ones, the city will surely live a mark in your memory.

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Living in Jatinangor

The small city that resides in the suburban area of Bandung, Jatinangor became a place where many students lived. Not only Universitas Padjadjaran, but Jatinangor also becomes a place where other university students reside. With affordable housing, places to eat, and recreation, Jatinangor was dubbed as a city for students.

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