Important Informations

Faculty Contact

Applicants are generally expected to identify a staff member at the Universitas Padjadjaran who has agreed to serve as a host/scientific counterpart during the length of the visiting scholar’s stay or to provide research guidance.

Duration of Visit

It is usually easier for the Faculty to accommodate short visits. Period’s extension will be considered for distinguished visitors making a major contribution to Faculty’s research.

Financial Support

The University does not extend financial support to assist visiting scholars with their living expenses. The visiting scholars are suggested to find their sponsor or foundation to fund his/her research or may cover their expenses.


The International Office can advise on private accommodation or reasonable guest houses/hotels. Limited funds to cover basic accommodation may be available for certain faculties. The International Office staff will assist new applicants to find suitable accommodation upon request.

Immigration Matters and Permits

Before the visiting scholars do their research at Universitas Padjadjaran, they need to prepare their valid passport, research visa (processed by Ristek), research permit (processed by Ristek), report to the immigration office and police headquarters upon their arrival, traveling permit, research Information report, KITAS (for scholars who will stay in Indonesia for 1 year or more), exit permit, etc. However, the International Office will assist them to process it, which costs will be covered by their expenses.

Health Insurance

Visiting scholars have to arrange their health insurance coverage before leaving their home countries. It is the responsibility of the scholars to arrange their medical insurance to protect against medical expenses during their research period at Universitas Padjadjaran.


While at Universitas Padjadjaran, visiting scholars are generally provided with basic health services, access to computer and library facilities. However, these facilities are subject to availability or approval of the host faculty. For details please refer to “Facilities”.

Responsibility of Visiting Scholar

  • Visiting Scholars may be requested to give a public presentation at some point during their visit. This presentation provides an opportunity for the Visiting Scholars to share his/her work with staff and students in the department/faculty as well as across the University
  • Visiting Scholars must produce a report to the host faculty and IO at the end of the program.

Responsibility of the Faculty

  • The nominating faculty member will either serve as a facilitator or designate a scientific counterpart for the Visiting Scholar during his/her visit.
  • The department hosting the Visiting Scholar will designate a staff contact in the department to facilitate normal activities with the Visiting Scholar and

faculty mentor.

  • The faculty will design and arrange the program for the visiting scholars during his/her research period, also facilitate the public presentation related to his/her research topic, which will be presented to the students/staff at the host faculty.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property arising from the program will be subject to the same conditions as standard procedures defined by HaKI (IPR). Ownership and responsibility for the exploitation of intellectual property rest with the host institution, or otherwise stated in agreement with Universitas Padjadjaran’s partner universities.

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