Current Collaboration

›UNPAD partnered with 104 universities from around 20 countries.

Find out where you could go, and read about our university-wide partners.

Double Degree/Twinning Program:

  1. Bachelor of Indonesian Literature 2+2 with Youngsan University Republik Korea
  2. Bachelor of Medicine with University Kebangsaan Malaysia
  3. Master of Environment Management with Twente University Belanda
  4. Master of Environment Management dengan Mie University Jepang
  5. MSc Degree Program on Medical Anthropology and Ethnobotany
  6. MA Course on Community Health

Student Exchange

  1. Tenri University Exchange Students
  2. Rikkyo University Special International Students
  3. Ajou University Spring Semester
  4. Ajou University Fall Semester
  5. Ajou International Summer School
  6. Asian Exchange Students (Supported by AEON )
  7. Jenesis Program (supported by Japanese Embassy in Indonesia)
  8. Chiba University
  9. Rikkyo University Special International Student (graduate program)
  10. Chiba University