Professional Advice

Student Advices & International Student Support wish to extend a warm welcome to all international students. We are here to provide additional support in the form of immigration advice and orientation sessions, as well as assistance with all welfare-related topics which may affect you during your time in Indonesia. All Student Advisers are trained and accredited to give advice to international students and are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.  If you would like to discuss an immigration issue with a qualified Adviser, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Advice is offered on a one-to-one basis, in a confidential setting. We also run group information workshops about various options available to you such as how to stay Indonesia after your studies and how to extend your student visa in Indonesia.

Topics that we advise on include:

  1. Entry Clearance problems
  2. Extending your student visa from within Indonesia
  3. Immigration status
  4. Fee status queries
  5. Travelling abroad whilst on a Indonesian student visa
  6. Opening a Indonesian bank account
  7. Police Registration
  8. Issues relating to dependants