FTG Unpad Prepares Virtual Field Lecture Program

Release: Marlina Mustikaningsih

Translation by Felya Amaraputri

The video shooting process for virtual field course material by the Faculty of Geological Engineering.*

[unpad.ac.id, 16/02/2021] The Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) Faculty of Geological Engineering is implementing learning innovations in a form of virtual field lecture and virtual laboratory. These two innovations were carried out as an effort to anticipate the constraints of field lecture activity and laboratory practicums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ead of the Unpad Geological Engineering Bachelor Study Program, Dr. Rd. Irvan Sophian, M.T., explained that the innovations are expected to motivate students to keep up with the online learning material without reducing the effectiveness and goals of the face-to-face method.

“One of our strategies in this pandemic era is to create a virtual field lecture program. As we know, lecture activities in Geological Engineering require us to go to the field. However, the pandemic that has still yet to end cannot be a hindrance for this study program, and because of that, we make this innovation in this pandemic,” said Dr. Irvan on Monday (15/02).


Based on a written statement to the Unpad Public Communication Office, the creating process of the virtual field lecture program begins by dividing a team into several groups according to its field of study. Then, every group that consists of lecturers and academic staff will decide the research area.


A number of areas chosen include the area of Citatah Karst, Tangkuban Parahu, and the Lembang fault, as well as Stone Garden and Sanghyang Poek.


Dr. Irvan added that the division of these small groups is also one of anticipations in reducing the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission, which would keep on following the strict health protocol in the field.


“All participants did a rapid test before they went to the field. We also reduced the quota of vehicle passengers, did disinfectants spraying, and used masks and gloves while in the field,” he said.


The field lecture method is done by shooting a video. Each lecturer reported the result of their close distance observation from every outcrop and rock characteristics that they found in the field.


On the other hand, for the long distance observation, a drone is used for the digital mapping. The target is to get a wider and detailed coverage area.


Later on, the findings in the field are processed and interpreted in accordance with the field of study or the subjects.


Dr. Ivan assessed that the field lecture activity at the Unpad Faculty of Geological Engineering cannot be erased because it is necessary to improve students’ understanding based on theories that have been taught.


Eventually, the videos of the virtual field lecture activity will be uploaded to Unpad’s online learning system, such as MOOC Unpad, Youtube, and Google Classroom. “Currently, we are preparing for the virtual laboratory analysis,” concluded Dr. Irvan.(arm)*

You can read the original article in Indonesian here: https://www.unpad.ac.id/2021/02/ftg-unpad-siapkan-program-kuliah-lapangan-virtual/

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