Foods and Beverages

With 6,000 islands, there are many regional specialties, but wherever you are in Indonesia, most meals, including breakfast, are based around rice.
Indonesian cuisine often demonstrates complex flavour,acquired from certain ingredients and bumbu spices mixture. Indonesian dishes have rich flavours; most often described as gurih (savory which equate to umami) and pedas (hot and spicy), and also combination of basic tastes such as manis (sweet), asin (salty), asam (sour) and pahit (bitter). Seven main Indonesian cooking methods are goreng (frying), bakar (roasting) or panggang (grilling), tumis (stir frying), sangrai (sautéing), rebus (boiling) and kukus (steaming).

These are some popular dishes in Indonesia which can be found almost everywhere

1. Fried rice / nasi goreng
nasi goreng
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As one of the country’s signature dishes, nasi goreng is definitely Indonesians’ favorite. A plate of stirred fried rice complemented with eggs, prawns (chicken, salted dried-fish, goat meat, or anything of your choice), chilli, and veggies will surely make your mouth water. Don’t forget the kerupuk.

2. Fried noodle / mie goreng
mie goreng
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Fried noodles is also on top of Indonesian’s favorite list. Mie goreng is usually served with the same complementary ingredients as nasi goreng.

3. Meatballs / bakso
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Bakso is Indonesian meat balls served in chicken broth soup, rice vermicelli or yellow noodles (depends on your liking), sprinkled with fried shallots, celery, and of course sambal.

4. Opor ayam
opor ayam

This chicken cooked in coconut milk usually serve in special occasion, as in Lebaran holiday. It serves with ketupat (steam rice) and kerupuk.

5. Rendang

Rendang Sapi is one of the most popular dishes from Padang, West Sumatra. Padang is known by their delicious meals made from coconut milk. You can make it spicy or mild, depend how you like it.I like it because the taste is really strong and aromatic. However, it takes a bit longer time to cook so that the beef will be soft and tender. But it is definately worth to try!

As the population of Indonesia is predominantly Moslem, pork is usually not served except in Chinese restaurants, non-Moslem and places serving international cuisine. Pork dishes are served in some non-moslem parts of Bali, Papua and the North Sumatra highlands and North Sulawesi.


Tap water is not safe to drink. Water coming out of taps may contain bacteria and therefore must be boiled or sterilized before it is consumed. Branded bottled water is readily available for sale in nearly all grocery stores and convenience stores.

Indonesian coffee is one of the finest in the world. You can enjoy the exotic taste of our coffee in the coffee shops commonly available in many entertainment centers or in any commercial areas of the cities.

Alcoholic drinks or local beers are available in major supermarkets and hypermarkets. Wine is sold only in major restaurants and hotels.