Unpad Conducts Educational Collaboration with Kazakh National Agrarian University

Report by Arif Maulana

Translation by Aura Hanifatus Saskia

[unpad.ac.id, 29/05/2021] Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) has again collaborated with the Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU), Kazakhstan. The signing was done online by Unpad Rector Prof. Rina Indiastuti with the Chairman of the Board-Rector of KazNAU Prof. Tlektes I. Yespolov, on Friday (28/05).

The signing ceremony was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador to Kazakhstan H.E. Rahmat Pramono and the Counselor Embassy from the Republic of Kazakhstan for Indonesia Kazbek Bokebayev. Meanwhile, from Unpad, the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Prof. Dr. Hendarmawan, Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) Dr. Rahmat Hidayat, M.Si., Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology (FTIP) Dr. Ir. Sarifah Nurjanah, as well as several leaders from FTIP attended the event.

In her remarks, the Rector explained that the cooperation between Unpad and KazNAU was carried out in the context of implementing the Comprehensive Partnership program in the education sector since 2014. This program aimed to create sustainable prosperity through higher education cooperation between the two countries.

Cooperation with KazNAU itself has been going on since 2015. It is noted that the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding marked the second time that Unpad and KazNAU have cooperated. Some collaborations that have been carried out include student exchanges to send Unpad lecturers to become guest lecturers in Kazakhstan.

The Rector explained that amid the challenges that occur at the global level, an educational exchange will be a strong form of peace promotion. This was experienced when Unpad accepted several KazNAU students through the student exchange program in 2017.

“We know that when we experience different cultures, we get a deeper understanding of ourselves,” said the Rector.

For this reason, Unpad agreed to continue academic cooperation with KazNAU. According to the Rector, the two countries will need many young generations to be able to contribute in facing global challenges.

In line with the Rector, Ambassador Rahmat Pramono also appreciated the collaboration between Unpad and KazNAU. According to him, higher education acted as the institution to produce future leaders who can answer various global problems.

It is hoped that the cooperation carried out will be able to drive the two universities to reach a world-class university.*

You can read the original article in Indonesian here: https://www.unpad.ac.id/2021/05/kolaborasi-pendidikan-indonesia-kazakhstan-unpad-lakukan-kerja-sama-dengan-kazakh-national-agrarian-university/

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