prof rina

Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, S.E., M.SIE.

Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran​

Greetings from Universitas Padjadjaran!

As one of the largest university in Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) offers a wide range of learning opportunities with renowned professors from multifarious expertise. Unpad is dedicated itself to promote science, technology, health, economy, law, culture, arts, and society welfare. These are represented by various faculties of Unpad, which are diligently put most efforts to enhance their ability in developing Unpad and Indonesia in their own expertise. Studying at Unpad will equip you with the latest knowledge that will keep you relevant and globally competitive. At Unpad, you will also develop lifelong skills that will be beneficial for your future career.

As the major university in Indonesia, Unpad is heading to the international level. Unpad is also confidently interacting with numerous renowned foreign universities all over the world. Our staff and student mobility is among the busiest activity at Unpad, we are sending and accepting academic staffs and researchers as well as students from and to nations in various continents. We are establishing many international programs in different subjects and presenting ourselves in many educational associations.

Universitas Padjadjaran’s Global Relation and Advancements act as an entry point for students and researchers from across the globe to studies and to conduct researches. In addition it also serves as a gate for students and researches from Unpad to advance their studies abroad. Universitas Padjadjaran’s Global Relation and Advancements are open to any potential collaboration with any partners abroad and ready to bring up our excellent to the international level. The moment of ASEAN Community is ours to bring along of the potentiality, the strength as well as the good faith in bringing up Indonesia to actively shape the ASEAN as the leading association of nations’ community in the global era.

We are here to provide simplicity and the best services and facilities you need to become one of our partners. Furthermore, we also provide the hospitality, visa, immigration and document services for inbound and outbond students, as well as for inbound an outbond staffs and scholars.

Feel free to contact one of our staff for any inquiries you possibly have and we sincerely hope that you will find a way to come and visit Unpad and even more to explore, connect and being part of Unpad.

Welcome to Universitas Padjadjaran !

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