Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategies


  • To become a world-class research university
  • To produce graduates with global perspective and cultural sensitivity as well as internationally competent, so they could grow into effective workers and citizens of an increasingly global and diverse society, economy, and workplace


  • Actively promote international and intercultural understanding and to enrich the academic and cultural environment of Universitas Padjadjaran by facilitating the exchange of people and ideas
  • Strengthen international partnerships for Universitas Padjadjaran’s global engagement


  • Education in all forms; growth experiences; students learn from students; personal development; transformation
  • Internationalism, intercultural awareness and communication, diversity, and respect for other people and cultures
  • Tolerance, open-mindedness, and forward-thinking
  • Innovation, creativity, and flexibility
  • Professionalism, competence, and a strong work ethic
  • Teamwork, inclusiveness, mutual respect, and community
  • Passion and integrity in all university works
  • Implementation of Universitas Padjadjaran vision: to be a world-class research university
  • Active networking with university associations, partners, and government institutions


  • Promote Universitas Padjadjaran internationally and increase international awareness of Universitas Padjadjaran students and staff
  • Develop international engagement, international learning, teaching, and research, international knowledge transfer, and internationalization at home programs
  • Engage Universitas Padjadjaran faculty and staff in the creation and implementation of international activities
  • Act as a hub for international partnerships


As a multicultural nation, Indonesia is experiencing changes in response to competition in world globalization. Universitas Padjadjaran acknowledges its role and contribution to every change in the local and global levels, which will be determined by Unpad’s activities in the society.

In order to give significant contributions to the nation and the world, Unpad sets its vision to be a world class research university. Since its establishment in 1957, Unpad has partnered with many international universities to share knowledge and promote intercultural learning, ensuring its graduates are in high demand on the global stage.

All of the university programs are designed in such ways to make sure the students are able to seize many different pathways in gaining international recognition, experience, and qualifications. Unpad takes pride in its proven ability to nurture students through teaching and learning processes in preparing them in their careers. The students have been well-received by the University network of partner universities and accomplished outstanding academic achievements. As one of the oldest and leading international undergraduate education provider, Unpad welcomes you to learn the program offerings that focus on innovation.

In the process, Unpad has continually increased its capacity building in realizing, institutionalizing, and embodying varied international dimensions of research, teaching, learning, and community service activities of the university’s staff and students.

The key dimensions of internationalization of Unpad are as follows:

  1. Internationalized staffs and students of Universitas Padjadjaran
  2. International research collaboration
  3. Internationally focused curricula

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