Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategies


  • To become world class research university
  • To produce graduates who have a global perspective and are culturally sensitive and internationally competent so that they can be effective workers and citizens of an increasingly global and diverse society, economy, and workplace


  • Actively promote international and intercultural understanding and to enrich the academic and cultural environment of UNPAD by facilitating the exchange of people and ideas
  • Strengthen international partnerships for UNPAD global engagement


  • Education in all forms; growth experiences; students learning from students; personal development; transformation.
  • Internationalism, intercultural awareness and communication, diversity and respect for other people and cultures.
  • Tolerance, open-mindedness and forward-thinking
  • Innovation, creativity and flexibility.
  • Professionalism, competence and a strong work ethic
  • Teamwork, inclusiveness, mutual respect and community
  • Passion and integrity in all our works
  • Implementation of our university vision – a world class research university
  • Active networking with university associations, partners, and government institutions


  • Promote Universitas Padjadjaran internationally and and Increase international awareness of Universitas Padjadjaran students and staff
  • Develop International Engagement, International Learning, Teaching, and Research, international Knowledge Transfer, and internationalization at home programs
  • Engage Universitas Padjadjaran faculty and staff in the creation and implementation of international activities
  • Act as a hub for international partnerships