1,517 People Are Accepted to Unpad Through SNMPTN, This Is What Should be Noted for the Registration Process

unpad.ac.id, 3/22/2019] The result of the National University Entrance Examination (SNMPTN) 2019 can be accessed on http://pengumuman.snmptn.ac.id/, Friday (3/22) at 1:00 p.m. WIB or at http://pengumuman.unpad.ac.id/sarjana.

Universitas Padjadjaran’s Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Arry Bainus, M.A., said that 1,517 people were accepted to Unpad through the SNMPTN. The amount received is in accordance with the percentage of Unpad new student admissions via the SNMPTN pathway, which is 25% of the total capacity.

“There are a number of study programs at Unpad that have the highest level of competitiveness in Indonesia,” said Dr. Arry while being interviewed by the Unpad Public Communication Office on Friday (3/22).

Based on data from the College Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT), there are 20 study programs from the science and technology group and 20 study programs from the social sciences (Sosiohumaniora) group with the highest level of competitiveness in Indonesia.

For the science and technology group, Unpad Informatics Engineering Study Program is one of the study programs with the highest level of competitiveness in Indonesia. The percentage received is 1.39% of the total registrants. Other study programs at Unpad in the 20 most competitive study programs in Indonesia are Pharmacy, Psychology, and Nursing.

On the other hand, for the social sciences group, the Unpad Management and Communication Study Program is included in the 20 most competitive social sciences study programs in Indonesia.

“This shows that the competitive power is great,” said Dr. Arry.

Dr. Arry advised the participants who passed the SNMPTN to take and carry out the registration. Participants who do not register are declared withdrawn from SNMPTN. “This will also have an impact on their (high school) graduates (or their juniors in high school) in the coming year,” he added.

In addition, participants who have passed SNMPTN cannot register at the SBMPTN. The system will automatically block participants who pass the SNMPTN to register for the SBMPTN pathway. However, participants who have passed the SNMPTN are allowed to take the Computer-Based Writing Exam (UTBK).

After being accepted at Unpad, participants must complete the biodata available on http://pengumuman.unpad.ac.id/ starting March 26 to April 1, 2019 at 17.00 WIB. Participants are also required to send a photocopy of the legalization of the report card postmark to PO BOX 45363 Cikeruh Jatinangor Sumedang between April 1 and 8, 2019.

The nominal of Single Tuition Fee (UKT) for non-Bidikmisi (Indonesia’s higher education scholarship from Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education) participants can be downloaded on May 2, 2019 after the biodata filling period. UKT payments can be made through Unpad partner banks on 2 – 8 May 2019.

Administrative registration for new students from the SNMPTN pathway will be held on May 9, 2019. The requirements that must be brought during registration are as follows:

  • SNMPTN Participant Card;
  • Filled Biodata Forms for New Student Candidates at Universitas Padjadjaran.
  • Filled Forms of Biodata for Parents / Guardians of New Student Candidates at Universitas Padjadjaran.
  • For Non-Bidikmisi participants, Form of Ability to Pay Education Fees which has been signed on a stamp of Rp 6,000, – (format can be downloaded);
  • For Non-Bidikmisi participants, proof of payment of tuition fees from the bank;
  • The original copy of SMA / MA / SMK / equivalent diploma certificate and 1 (one) sheet copy that has been legalized;
  • Original Report Card of SMA / MA / SMK / equivalent;
  • Birth Certificate and 1 (one) sheet of its copy;
  • Statement of willingness to comply with the regulations at Universitas Padjadjaran which has been signed on a stamp of Rp.6,000 (format can be downloaded);
  • Health Certificate from a Doctor;
  • Color Blind Free Certificate for students of the Faculty of Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Dentistry, Psychology, Animal Husbandry, Nursing, Agricultural Industrial Technology, Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Pharmacy, and Geological Engineering;
  • Foreigners must show their passport, Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) and Study Permit from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and submit a photocopy of 1 (one) sheet (A4 Size);
  • Photos of 3 × 4 cm in color and black and white each of 2 (two) pieces;
  • 1 (one) sheet copy of BPJS Participant Card (for those who already have);
  • A check list form for new student requirements (format can be downloaded);
  • A written statement of not registering for the 2019 SBMPTN which was signed on a stamp of Rp.6,000 (format can be downloaded);
  • Not represented and dressed formally. *

Report by Arief Maulana
Translation by Zaki Intan Cindyagita

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