UPBM Unpad Holds a National Debate and Tari Piring Competition

[unpad.ac.id, 23/9/2019] Unit Pecinta Budaya Minangkabau (UPBM) Universitas Padjadjaran held a debate and Tari Piring competition titled “Minang Debates and Arts Festival (MIDAF) 2019” in Bale Santika and Faculty of Economics and Business building on Saturday (14/9) and Sunday (15/9).

The opening of Minang Debate and Arts Festival by Head of Badan Penghubung Sumatra Barat Andre Setiawan, SSTP. MPA by beating tambua at the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Padjadjaran, Saturday (14/9).*

Eleven universities from different regions of Indonesia participated in the competition. MIDAF 2019 was themed “Sumarak Adat Nagari dalam Gelanggang Anak Rantau” with the goal of preserving Minang culture.

The first day of MIDAF 2019 started with the opening ceremony and debate competition, both were held at the Faculty of Economics and Business Unpad. Meanwhile, the second day featured the third-place battle and the final of the debate competition, followed by the Tari Piringcompetition in Bale Sawala.

The final of the debate competition featured the Arkamuda team from Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) Unpad against Forkommi team from Universitas Gadjah Mada, the motion of the debate was the obligation of Minangkabau students to partake in Minangkabau kinship communities or student activity unit.

At the gala night in Bale Santika, awards for the winners of debate and Tari Piringcompetitions were given. Arkamuda team from FISIP Unpad came out as the winner of the debate competition, Forkommi UGM took the second place, and the STIPRAM Yogyakarta took the third place. Gonjong Palito IKMP IPB won the Tari Piringcompetition, UPBM Unpad was the first runner-up, and KMM UNI Sunan Gunung Djati was the second runner-up.

Head of the organizing committee Rendi Agusto said that MIDAF 2019 was successfully held and that the participants were enthusiastic.

 “With the completion of MIDAF 2019, we have taken part in remembering and preserving Minangkabau culture, and also introducing Minangkabau culture to other students that are not from Minangkabau,” he said.*


Translated by Militcyano Samuel Sapulette

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