Unpad Tells Various Recommendation for Development of Buricak Burinong Tourism Area in Sumedang Regency

[unpad.ac.id, 24/6/2019] Sumedang Regency Government partners up Universitas Padjadjaran to participate in accelerated development program of “Buricak Burinong” tourism area in Sumedang regency.

Meeting of various Unpad professional teams in the discussion “Accelerated Development Program of Buricak Burinong Tourism Area” held by Sekda Sumedang Regency, Tuesday (18/6).

This participation is a follow-up of the cooperation that has been built between Unpad and the Sumedang Regency Government. One of the focus that will be done by Unpad is doing accompaniment in developing the fishing technology in the tourism area.

As the initial stage of the partnership, the Sumedang Regency Government through the Sumedang Region Secretary invites a number of Unpad professionals to be speakers in the discussion “Accelerated Development Program of Buricak Burinong Tourism Area”, Tuesday (18/6).

In the meeting, a team of Unpad professional comprised of Prof. Dr. Opan S. Suwartapradja (Faculty of Social Sciences), Prof. Dr. Budi Nurani Ruchjana (Center of Etnoscience Studies Faculty of Mathematics), Dr. Mohammad Taufik (Electro Engineering program Faculty of Mathematics), Dr. Sinta Ningrum and Prof. I Made Joni (KST Unpad), as well as a number of Unpad students.

This team is coordinated by the Dean of Unpad Faculty of Dentistry Dr. Nina Djustiana, drg., M.Kes., who is also the coordinator of partnership between Unpad and Sumedang Regency Government (Pemkab Sumedang).

Region Secretary of Sumedang Regency Drs. Herman Suryatman, M.Si., said, after the flooding of 26 villages in Jatigede Reservoir, both the people and the region faces many problems. From social, cultural, economic, education, environmental, to other problems.

Pemkab needs to organize well both socially and economically so the public can survive. In reality, said Herman, organizing in real life is not as easy as turning the back of a hand.

Through the discussion, there are several attempts to be conducted on the field. These attempts are done together by academicians, agency, and the public in solving the problems of affected regions.

In this discussion, Unpad professional team conveyed several ideas to build Buricak Burinong tourism area which is located in one of the affected villages, Pakualam Village.

As for suggested agendas, one of which is the development of Ecotourism potential with local culture as basis. The second is the encouragement of creative economy activity for the affected people conducted in a systematic and thorough procedure according to each region’s potential.

“It has been started through various ALG activities in the form of nursery and planting of indigofera grass and sheep. However, the activity has yet to produce an optimal result, more development is needed with cooperation from the government, academicians, and residents,” told one of the representatives from Unpad team of professionals Prof Dr Budi Nurani Ruchjana.

Another of the ideas, he remarked, is to design the development of cultural tourism villages by integrating various cultural potentials in the Sumedang Regency; preparing roads to support the development of ecotourism in Jatigede to assist the sports facilities (paragliding, out bond, and tourism route passed through by the local transportation) by involving the local public as managers through Bumdes.

“Others, provide supporting facilities for tourist accommodation, such as mosques, clean homestays with small stalls selling food and drinks as culinary unique to Jatigede with affordable prices,” he explained.

Another suggestion is the use of information technology and multimedia as a way to promote the tourism area, development of hybrid power plant by utilizing solar and wind power, as well as providing a management information system for fisheries for the public.

Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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