Unpad Social Welfare Students and Lecturer Declare Commitment to be Inclusive of People with Disabilities

[unpad.ac.id, 23/4/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran Social Welfare major held the workshop “Disability Goes to Campus” with the theme “Work Skills with the Disabled Population”. The event is held in the Unpad Social Science and Political Science Faculty Dean Building, Jatinangor, Monday (15/4).

Unpad students from the Social Welfare major FISIP Unpad follows the simulation of empathy for the disabled in the workshop “Disability Goes to Campus” at Unpad Social Science and Political Science Faculty Dean Building, Jatinangor, Monday (15/4).

This workshop is held to promote an inclusive point of view or the teaching process for special needs students in regular classes to the public. Social workers are at the front in fulfilling the rights of the disabled so that social justice is upheld.

Joined by a number of Unpad social welfare students, this workshop is an implementation from the subject Disability Studies and Practice of the Basic Skills for Social Workers in the social welfare major. This event also works with Disabilitas Bergerak Indonesia (DBI).

Students are introduced to various kinds of disabilities starting from visible disabilities (blindness, low vision, deafness, and the physically disabled) to the invisible ones (OCD, bipolarity, autism, difficulties in studying, anxiety disorder, to schizophrenia).

This workshop is then continued with discussion between the students and DBI facilitators about the stigma growing in society on disabilities and the challenges followed by its population. Students are also encouraged to join the empathy game to build a feeling of empathy towards circumstances the disabled must face.

At the end of the workshop, both the students and the lecturers agree to create a declaration of commitment to be inclusive to the disabled population. There are five commitments written in the declaration; to do advocacy on disabilities to be equal, to attempt to help the disabled on campus without discrimination, to push for inclusive policy on campus, to socialize disability issues, as well as push for more chances for the disabled in student affairs and campus organizations.

Release: Unpad Social Welfare Major
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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