Unpad Share Experience in Managing Campuses with the Concept of Sustainability

[unpad.ac.id, 3/14/209] Universitas Padjadjaran is entrusted to be one of the supporters of the “National Workshop on Environmental Sustainability 2019” event in Bandung, in collaboration with UI Greenmetric and Telkom University. The workshop was held for two days at the Telkom University campus on Wednesday (13/3) and at Bale Rucita, Jatinangor campus, Unpad Rectorate Building on Thursday (14/3).

Deputy Chancellor for Governance, Planning and Information Systems, Dr. Sigid Suseno, S.H., M.Hum., with the Head of Unpad Environmental Management Office, Dr. Teguh Husodo, M.Sc., when presenting about the sustainable management of the campus environment in the “National Workshop on Environmental Sustainability 2019” event held at Bale Rucita Jatinangor Unpad Rectorate Building, Thursday (3/14). (Photo: Arief Maulana) *

To the participants, Unpad presented the management of the campus environment that had been carried out. The theme of the event was “Raising the Participation of Higher Education on Nurturing the Environment Through Sustainability Office”.

“The talk about the environment has become natural for Unpad. The principal of Unpad scientific pattern is to (honor) law and environment for national development,” said the Vice Chancellor for Governance, Planning and Information Systems, Dr. Sigid Suseno, SH., M. Hum.

On this occasion, Dr. Sigid explained about the Unpad governance architecture toward the concept of the office of sustainability. He explained, the focus of sustainability in Unpad is related to governance and infrastructure, energy management, waste management, water management, transportation, education, and research.

“Sustainability must be a keyword that characterizes the policies that we make,” said Dr. Sigid.

Further, he said that Unpad had formed a special unit tasked with managing the sustainability campus, namely the Environmental Management Office under the Directorate of Facilities and Infrastructure.

Some of Unpad’s strategic policies in terms of environmental management are related to infrastructure development with the concept of sustainability, waste management in the campus environment, management of groundwater resources, reduction in the number of private vehicles on campus, and reduction of paper and plastic use.

Dr. Sigid explained that the e-office application in the Integrated Administrative Information System (SIAT) has been proven to increase efficiency, especially in terms of reducing paper use in Unpad.

Meanwhile, Head of Unpad Environmental Management Office, Dr. Teguh Husodo, M.Sc., explained about the environmental management system to sustainability office. He also explained that some Unpad programs were associated with Greenmetrics UI indicators.

Besides being given the presentation (in the workshop), participants from various universities in Indonesia were also invited to tour the Unpad Jatinangor campus to see firsthand how environmental management was carried out by Unpad.

Met during the event, Dr. Teguh revealed that by being trusted as the organizer of the event, it is clear that Unpad had been considered as one of the universities that has good campus environment management.

Last year, Unpad was ranked ninth in Greenmetrics UI ranking. In this assessment, Unpad was among the best indicators of water conservation management.

“(We) are hoping Unpad to share its experience in managing the campus environment, not only for Unpad’s self-evaluation, so that the management of the campus environment will not only be better in the future, but it can also be a role model for other universities that are not thorough yet in managing the campus environment,” said Dr. Sigid. *

Report by Artanti Hendriyana / am
Translation by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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