Unpad Rector: Transformation of Unpad Leadership Is Expected to Bring Benefit to the Country

[unpad.ac.id, 9/4/2019] The journey of Universitas Padjadjaran to be able to contribute to the country has been carried out since Unpad was founded. The transformation of leadership at Unpad is also expected to bring benefit to the country.

Chancellor of Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad hopes that what has been built so far would become a strong foundation for Unpad to consistently provide the best for this nation.

“We all encourage it in the rules that we are servants for the people of the nation. We serve the best for the country,” said the Chancellor when delivering the 2015-2019 Rector’s Performance Report before the Academic Senate and Professor’s Council at Bale Sawala, Jatinangor campus, Unpad Rector Building, Tuesday (9/4).

The Chancellor said that togetherness is a necessity to be able to face various challenges. Challenges need to be faced by making the Unpad Principal Scientific Pattern (PIP) “Prominent Law and Environment in National Development” as a locomotive in an effort to build academic strength.

Reflection of Unpad’s performance in recent times, the Chancellor also delivered a number of Unpad achievements in the field of development, including human resource development programs, development of inter and trans-platform information systems, efficient infrastructure management, improved quality of governance and institutions, improved quality of the pharmacy-oriented PIP, developing a number of superior innovations, strengthening collaboration with strategic partners, and accountable, transparent and efficient financial independence.

Outside the institution, the Chancellor also explained a number of Unpad contribution toward the development of West Java. Programs that have been carried out include the Unpad-West Java Strategic Alliance (ASUP Jabar), the affirmation program “Unpad Nyaah ka Jabar”, Professor Entering Village, and Academic Health System.

The Chancellor said, all efforts made were shared contributions that he wanted them to not only to benefit the nation, but for humanity throughout the world. It is also expected that Unpad can provide a better future for the world.

“Hopefully our alma mater can be of use, not only for West Java residents, but for the nation and humanity in the whole world, “the Chancellor hoped.

On this occasion, there were also greetings from the seventh Unpad Rector, Prof. Dr. Yuyun Wirasasmita, M.Sc., Chairman of the Unpad Academic Senate, Prof. H. Oekan Soekotjo Abdoellah, MA., Ph.D. and Chairperson of the Board Professor Prof. Dr. Sutyastie Soemitro Remi, S.E., M.S. *

Report by Artanti Hendriyana / am
Translation by Zaki Intan Cindyagita / zk

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