Unpad Provides Counseling Services for Students

[unpad.ac.id, 12/3/2019] As one of the forms of service regarding psychological issues, the Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Psychology Team of Counseling Service and Guidance (TPBK) is present to serve the students’ needs. This facility is available for all Unpad students.

“The TPBK service is available not only for Faculty of Psychology students, but also students from other faculties in Universitas Padjadjaran,” told the Universitas Padjadjaran Vice Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, S.Psi., MOP, Ph.D.

Furthermore, the lecturer familiarly known as Rosie explained that the Faculty of Psychology’s TPBK has two purposes: helping Unpad students who are troubled psychologically and also as a place for Faculty of Psychology students to learn how to face cases with supervision from lecturers who are also psychologists.

In Unpad’s Faculty of Psychology’s TPBK, the case will be distinguished into two; personal and academic problems. For the academic problems, the team who will handle it are lecturers and students from Psychology Profession major with concentration in Education Psychology. Meanwhile, for personal problems will be handled by lecturers and students Psychology Profession major with concentration in Adult Clinical Psychology.

“From the notes in TPBK, there are more [students with] personal problems than academic problems that may impact their academics,” said Rosie.

Some psychological problems faced by students are prolonged stress, self-harm, broken home, heart break, anxiety, speaking issues, feeling hopelessness, excessive sadness, depression, and others.

“There are various psychological problems that can be faced by students. The students need to have a positive social support, whether from family, friend, lecturer, or a professional counselor. The right support will help someone overcome stress caused by the problems they’re facing,” Rosie remarked.

For students who would like to use this service, they must register by coming directly to the Faculty of Psychology’s TPBK. After registration, the students will be given a schedule to do counseling with the team.

In serving the students, the TPBK team usually schedules several sessions, including interview, psychological evaluation, consultation, and therapy that is adjusted to the clients’ condition. The handling of each case is different according to problems they are facing.

In handling certain cases, students can also be directed to the Universitas Padjadjaran Bureau of Psychological Service and Innovation (BPIP). Other than that, for cases that need psychiatric handling, the team can also direct them to a psychiatrist.

Lecturers from Unpad’s Faculty of Psychology handle not only students’ psychological problem, but also give counseling training to guidance lecturer from some faculties in Unpad.

Rosie also suggest to the students with psychological problems to communicate with their guidance lecturer or their head of department. If it cannot be handled by the faculty, the student can go to Faculty of Psychology’s TPBK or BPIP.

“We are open to all Unpad students who would like to have a consultation. But students are suggested to talk with their guidance lecturer first or either to their department head,” said Rosie.

Report by Artanti Hendriyana
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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