Unpad Presents A Number of Research Products in “Indonesia Science Day 2019”

[unpad.ac.id, 30/4/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran participated again in the 2019 “Indonesia Science Day” (ISD) exhibition held by the PP Science and Technology Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia Research, Technology and Higher Education at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta, 25 – April 28th.

A number of students tried the application of “Malam—Mobile-Assisted Virtual Reality (MAVR)” by Unpad academics in the 2019 “Indonesia Science Day” (ISD) exhibition held by the Indonesian Science and Technology Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education at the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, Jakarta, April 25-28. (Photo: Dany Firmansyah K., for the Unpad Public Communication Office) *

At the exhibition, the Unpad booth raised the theme “4.0 Readiness with Unpad through Science and Research”. A number of Unpad academics’ research products were displayed at the exhibition, including the application of “Mobile-Assisted Virtual Reality (MAVR) Night Forest” and products “Increased Reality or Augmented Reality (AR) of Indonesian Indigenous Culture”.

The application “MAVR Jungle Night” is a device for the therapy of fear of the dark. This application is the result of collaboration between Psychology and Informatics Engineering study programs.

While the cultural AR application displays traditional clothing from various regions in Indonesia in the form of augmented reality products. This product is a research conducted by Unpad Informatics Engineering student, Syafira Predeisyanti.

In addition to these two products, Unpad also presented two research products that are nanotechnology, namely “Heriyaki Powder Probiotics” as a solution for fattening cattle and sheep and “Frizz” or the first children’s toothpaste products in Indonesia based on Nanohidroksiapatit. This product is proven to be 40% more effective as an anti-caries and improves remineralization of teeth.

Approximately 5,604 visitors visited the ISD 2019 exhibition. Visitors’ enthusiasm was also seen at the Unpad booth. Many participants, from children to adults, try the MAVR Forest Night app.

There is something interesting in the ISD 2019 event, namely the presence of a number of professors to teach children through the “KIDS University” program. Professor of Unpad Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Dr. Tualar Simarmata, Ir., M.Sc., participated as one of the teachers.

Prof. Tualar taught the children topics related to agriculture. He explained the process of growing rice. Not only that, Prof. Tualar also invited the participants to simulate planting 11 rice varieties on Eco Garden rides.

“This is the first in Indonesia, a professor teaching children from the level of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) in Jabodetabek,” said Director of PP Science and Technology, Ir. Mochammad Syahrial Annas, M.M. *

Release: Safa Annisaa / am
Translation: Zaki Intan Cindyagita / zk

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