Unpad Mathematics Students Win Two Champions in ITB Mathematics Modelling Competition

[unpad.ac.id, 9/30/2019] Students from Mathematics Study Program Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Universitas Padjadjaran won two champions at the Mathematical Challenge Festival-Mathematics Modelling Competition 2019 (MCF-MMC 2019) held by Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) last Friday (9/27).


The competition, which was organized by the Kelompok Keahlian Matematika Industri dan Keuangan (KK MIK) FMIPA ITB, was attended by around 20 teams from 10 universities in Indonesia. Participants of this competition were not only from Mathematics and Statistics study programs, but there were also from Computer Science Study Programs.

At the event, Unpad Mathematics students the won first and second place in the modeling competition category. The first prize was won by “Pawesome Team” consisting of Putri Romhadhoni, Audi Luqmanul Hakim Achmad and Wahyu Suryaningrat. While the second-place winner was “Team Zimzalabim” consisting of Ani Oktaviyani, Alysha Putri Salsabila, and Rahmah Arie Agustini. The two teams were assisted by Unpad Mathematics Study Program lecturer, Dr. Diah Chaerani, M.Si.

In the modeling competition category, students were faced with the theme of “opening a new shop”. The problem that must be answered by participants on the theme was determining the right location to open new shops and how many shops should be opened as there was an initiation from the directors of the company to expand its product range.

In the release received by the Office of Public Communications, each team determined the establishment of new stores with different products. The Pawesome team chose the problem of establishing a rice shop.

Taking data from Statistics Indonesia related to the problem of rice supply shortages in Tasikmalaya, the team then identified the location and number of new rice shops to be built in Tasikmalaya using the Optimization model through the Maximum Covering Location Problem approach to maximize profits.

Meanwhile, the Zimzalabim Team chose the problem of establishing gas stations in the city of Palembang. This issue was raised considering that transportation is an essential need for the people of Indonesia.

To answer the problem of determining the location of new gas stations, Cost Comparison Method and the Optimized Capacitated Facility Location Problem Model by minimizing the total costs incurred in constructing the gas stations were used.

In addition, with the help of ArcGIS and Maple 15 software, the locations of new gas stations could be determined and optimal numerical results could be obtained. The modeling results of these two teams defeated 20 teams from 10 universities in Indonesia. *


Translated by Militcyano Samuel Sapulette