Unpad Holds Personal Development Training for Bidikmisi Students

[unpad.ac.id, 8/10/2019]

Universitas Padjadjaran through the Directorate of Education and Student
Affairs held a “Personal Development Training” for 2019 Bidikmisi and Affirmation students at Bale Santika Unpad Jatinangor campus, Tuesday (8/10). The event was attended by 478 Unpad students who received Bidikmisi assistance.

Universitas Padjadjaran students who received Bidikmisi assistance participate in the “Personal Development Training” that was held by the Unpad Directorate of Education and Student Affairs at Bale Santika, Jatinangor Unpad Campus, Tuesday (8/10).
(Photo: Femizal Usra) *

This training is carried out annually so that Bidikmisi students can make the most of this opportunity.The event was organized by the academic manager and assisted by the senior Bidikmisi students.

The training was opened by the Director of Education and Student Affairs Unpad Prof. Dr. Wawan Hermawan, M.S. In his remarks, Prof. Wawan encouraged students to be more motivated after taking part in this training.

Academic and Student Manager of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Unpad Dr.Herry Wibowo, M.M., acted as a speaker at the event. The discussion opened with a session on the importance of being grateful and future plans.

In between his session, Dr. Herry encouraged students to strengthen their sense of togetherness, sportsmanship, and other moral values ​​in students. He explained that students must be prepared to take advantage of various opportunities that exist as provisions for the future.

“Opportunities only come for people who are ready,” he explained. *

Report by Femizal Usra/am
Translated by Militcyano Samuel Sapulette