Unpad Faculty of Pharmacy Take Part in GITA Project Consortium in Europe

[unpad.ac.id, 2/7/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Pharmacy accepts a research visit from University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, Monday (1/7). This visit is done to talk about Growing Indonesia: a Triangle Approach Project (GITA Project).

The meeting between two academicians from University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, with a number of lecturers in Unpad Faculty of Pharmacy (2/7). The visit is done as an implementation of the consortium Growing Indonesia: a Triangle Approach Project (GITA Project).

Two researchers from UoG, Prof. Neils Towers and Nadine Sulkowski, were accepted officially by Unpad Vice Rector for Finance and Resource, Prof. Arief Sjamsulaksan Kartasasmita, dr., SpM(K), M.Kes., PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Ajeng Diantini, M.Si., Apt., Faculty of Pharmacy Manager of Academics and Student Affairs Angga Prawira Kautsar, S.Si., MARS, Apt., at the meeting room in the Unpad Rectorate building, Dipati Ukur street No. 35, Bandung.

The GITA project is an international cooperation for capacity development funded by Erasmus+. This project is a consortium comprised of 4 universities in Europe, UoG, Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland, Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes in Germany, and University of Innsbruck in Austria.

In Indonesia, this consortium is comprised of 7 Indonesian universities, Unpad, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, President University, Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret, Universitas Brawijaya, and STIE Malangkucecwara.

One of the purposes of the project is to build Growth Hub, an incubation facility to develop business ideas through triangular approach including university-business collaboration, entrepreneur curriculum, and enterprise formation.

In the meeting, Prof. Neil and Nadine discussed GITA Project and its impact on the curriculum. Other than that, the development of growth hub will help facilitate students and stakeholders in creating business.

Other than the Unpad campus, a visit is also done to the Educational Pharmacy located in Jln. Ir. H Djuanda No. 248, Bandung. After that, a meeting is held between some leaders, managers, and lecturers in the Unpad Faculty of Pharmacy Growth Hub environment. Academicians from UoG also met students from Faculty of Pharmacy who has successfully created products from their business ideas.

Products displayed were Halo Apoteker Indonesia (HAI), a content creator who gave complex pharmacy information with an interesting interface and laymen terms easily understood by the public, and “Kelesin” a healthy candy created from iles-iles. Other than the mentioned products, some business ideas from Faculty of Pharmacy were also displayed.

“I’m very enthusiastic to see these business ideas and hope Growth Hub will help these businesses to grow in the coming years,” told the leader of GITA Project, Prof. Neil Towers.

Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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