Unpad Faculties of Health Hold International Conference

[unpad.ac.id, 11/10/2019]

Health faculties in Universitas Padjadjaran held “The 2nd Bandung International Conference on Collaborative Health Research” at Prama Preanger Hotel, Bandung, on Sunday (7/10) and Monday (8 / 10). This year’s conference was themed “Expanding Collaboration in Treating Non-Communicable Diseases”.

The situation of “The 2nd Bandung International Conference on Collaborative Health Research” event at Prama Preanger Hotel, Bandung, Sunday (7/10) and Monday (8/10).*

Around 200 people from different health institutions and other institutions came as participants in this conference. The seminar was officially started by the Director of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment of the Ministry of Health RI Dr. Riskiyana S. Putra, M.Kes.

In his remarks, Riskiyana said that currently there’s a change in the pattern of diseases from infectious diseases to non-infectious diseases. Therefore, the government has taken several approaches to overcome this, one of which is with community empowerment programs. “The synergistic and comprehensive collaboration is expected to support one of the government’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of therapy and the quality of life of people with non-infectious diseases in Indonesia,” Riskiyana said.

The conference presented a number of other speakers, including: Director of Pharmaceutical Services Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health Dita Novianti Sugandi Argadiredja, S.Sc., Apt., MM; Saudamini Vishwanath Dabak (Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand); as well as a number of academics from inside
and outside the country.

Besides the conference, this activity also offered three workshops, namely the Role of Health Technology Assessment on Treatment of Catastrophic Diseases guided by Auliya Suwantika, Ph.D., Apt .; How to manage a good reputable journal (The Indonesian Biomedical Journal) guided by Dr. Anna Meiliana, M.Kes.; and scientific writing course by Prof. Debabrata Banerjee,Ph.D.

Oral participants and posters who plan to publish their research results can be published in one of three collaborative journals, namely the Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research (indexed by Scopus Q3), Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pharmacy (indexed by SINTA 2), and Pharmaciana (indexed by SINTA 2), and Pharmaciana ( indexed SINTA 2).

In the presentation and poster session, three best participants from each session were selected: Riezki Amalia, Ph.D., Apt; Herry Herman, dr. SpoT, Ph.D.; and Marvel Reuben Suwitono for the best presenters, and Genialita Fadhilla, M.Sc., Apt; Aziiz Mardanarian Rosdianto; and Lely Sulfiani Saula for posters.*

Translated by Agnes Johana Reysca