Unpad Explores Various Potential elements of Maluku Province

[unpad.ac.id, 2/3/2019] The Maluku Corner prime headquarter of Universitas Padjadjaran, once again held some strategic activities in the Maluku region. These activities were held to carry out a number of collaborations with both the provincial and the city/regency government.

In the Buru regency, Maluku Corner of Unpad is entrusted to arrange the operational standard of rice planting on the island of Buru. This arrangement is concerned along with the local wisdom and feasibility ownership study from the agrarian law perspective.

This activity took place in Balai Pelatihan dan Penyuluhan, Savana Jaya, Buru Regency from February 20th to 23rd.

During this activity, the Maluku Corner team consisting Dr. Reginawanti Hindersah, Ir., MP., Dr. Nia Kurniati, SH., MH., Dr. Andre R. Daud, S. Pt., M.Si., Priyanka, MP., Cecep Firmasyah, S.Pt., MP., as well as representative from Universitas Pattimura Dr. A. Martin Kalay were officially welcomed by the head of agriculture department in Buru regency, Temok Karyadi, in his office.

At the meeting, Temok explained the direction of main development in the Buru regency which encompassed the agricultural sector with its agrarian law and the farming sector.

“The Buru regency government also hopes to keep its collaboration with Unpad in the development of this sector intensively,” said Temok in a release received by Unpad Public Communication Office.

Another activity conducted was the mapping of potential youngsters in the Maluku Province. Collaborating with the Regional Development Board (Bappeda) of the Maluku Province, assessment team consisting of Prof. Dr. Hendriati Agustiani, M.Si., Dr. Maya R. Ardiwinata, M.Si., Priyanka M.P., Safitri Tejaningsih, M.S.M., Dra. Nurul Yanuarti, M.Si., and Azhar El Hami, M.Psi., did an assessment in the city of Ambon and Saumlaki.

This assessment has respondents from secondary school students, university students, and employees younger than 35 years old. The assessment in Ambon was held in the 7th floor meeting room of the Maluku Province Bappeda Office. Meanwhile, the assessment in Saumlaki was held in the hall of SMAN 1 Tanimbar Selatan.

“With this assessment, policies and directions made by Bappeda can be adjusted with the existing human resources, considering that the policies made must reach other islands in Maluku as an island province,” stated the Maluku Province Bappeda Head of Research and Development, Dr. Djalaludin Salampessy, M.Si.

Release: Maluku Corner Unpad/am