Unpad Exhibited Professors’ Innovations and Research Results

[unpad.ac.id, 12/9/2019] In its 62nd Dies Natalis, the Board of Professors and Academic Senate of Universitas Padjadjaran held a “Parade Karya, Cipta, dan Karsa Profesor Unpad Tahun 2019” (2019 Parade of Unpad Professors’ Works, Inventions, and Initiatives) which was held at Bale Sawala and Bale Rucita, Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, Thursday (12/9).

Padjadjaran University students looking at various posters containing research information from professors at the 2019 Parade Karya, Cipta, and Karsa Professor Unpad event held at Bale Sawala and Bale Rucita, Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, Thursday (12/9).  (Photo: Arief Maulana)*

“We want to appreciate the professors who have created are achievers. We are very proud of the professors whose works have reached Q1 ranked journals,” said Chairman of the Board of Professors, Prof. Dr. Sutyastie Soemitro Remi, S.E., M.S.

In the event, there were four major events, among others, a talk show on “Tips on How to Reach Q1 Journals” (Kiat-kiat Menembus Jurnal Q1), a seminar on research results presentation, presentation of research posters, and book review by Unpad professors.

Explained by Prof. Sutyastie, the research presentation seminar was conducted by seven Unpad professors. The results of the professors’ research are presented in 40 posters.

“The posters will be followed up on which products can be realized soon. Furthermore, the products are expected to generate revenue for Unpad, “said Prof. Sutyastie.

Chairperson of the Academic Senate of Unpad, Prof. H. Oekan Soekotjo Abdoellah, MA., Ph.D., in his speech said, this event was an effort in realizing Unpad as a World Class University.

“This program of work, creation and initiative is part of Unpad’s major activity which is not only an effort towards becoming a World Class University, but more importantly is how to bring Unpad benefits for the people of West Java in particular and the Indonesian people in general,” said Prof. Oekan.

The event was opened by the Acting Unpad Rector Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, S.E., M.SIE. Prof. Rina said that this event was a continuation of Unpad’s 62nd Dies Natalis to exhibit the work of professors.

“In this Unpad Dies Natalis, besides being grateful, joyful, now is our turn to give exposure. This exposition is certainly aimed towards the parties that we really hope can appreciate and recognize our work,” explained Prof. Rina.*

Reported by Fitri Fairuza/am

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