Unpad Cooperates with Telkomsel on Mobile Assisted Testing for Independent Admission Pathway

[unpad.ac.id, 1/7/2019] The implementation of the Phase I admission selection for the Universitas Padjadjaran Independent Pathway for the 2019/2020 academic year regular Bachelor program will be held on July 6 and 7. This selection process will use a Mobile Assisted Testing (MAT) application, installed on Android devices belonging to each participant.

Coordinator of Universitas Padjadjaran Entrance Selection – Independent Pathway (SMUP Jalur Mandiri), Dr. Juli Rejito, M.Kom. (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

Coordinator of the Unpad Entrance Selection through Independent Pathway, Dr. Juli Rejito, M.Kom., revealed that the development of the MAT application that will be used in the Independent Pathway admission selection is almost the same as the development of the MAT application used last year in the 2018 SBMPTN (Joint Selection of State Universities Admission). The difference between the two is that the 2019 application will have several more advanced developments.

This year, a change was made in the MAT application usage, from previously using a Wi-Fi connection to using a mobile data connection. This is because, a lot of preparation will need done if the exam is conducted using a Wi-Fi connection.

“By using mobile data, technically we don’t need to add any new equipment,” explained Dr. Juli during a trial of the MAT application on Friday (6/28).

Of course, the need for sufficient internet data is absolutely needed by each participant. Therefore, Unpad has partnered with one of Indonesia’s cellular operators, Telkomsel, to facilitate the provision of internet data for each participant’s cellphone.

Technically speaking, participants who do not use a Telkomsel SIM card will be given a starter card with 4 GB worth of internet data for free. Meanwhile, for those who already have a Telkomsel SIM card, an internet quota of 4 GB will be given free of charge.

“Unpad with already has a collaborative network with Telkomsel, so the implementation is much easier,” explained Dr. Juli.

Dr. Juli ensures that the use of the MAT application via mobile data remains secure. The security system remains the same when using this intranet network. This is possible because the data on the application has been encrypted.

Therefore, if this application enters the public path, if it does not have a decryption key, the application cannot be opened.

The application also does not allow for screenshot capture or recording via a screen recorder application. Dr. Juli explained that if a participant deliberately leaves the application, within seconds the mobile device will automatically return to the application.

Thus, participants do not have the opportunity to capture or record screens.

“Technically, we can also turn off the function of the buttons on the cellphone, so participants also cannot capture screenshots by pressing the buttons on the cellphone,” he added.

To reduce fraudulence, continued Dr. Juli, the questions at each test session will be randomized, so that the questions in each session will be different from each other.

A lecturer at the Department of Computer Science of the Unpad Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Dr. Juli explained that the results of the exam are expected to appear immediately after the exam is over. Participants can find out the results directly after the exam by looking at each registration account.

As per the schedule, participants are expected to print their participant cards on July 2. Furthermore, distribution of the starter SIM card by Telkomsel will be held in the Integrated Service Unit room of the Unpad Rectorate Building in Jatinangor, on July 4.

For participants who already have a Telkomsel card, they can visit Telkomsel outlets anywhere to receive their free internet quota. The condition is to bring their identity card and exam card.

Dr. Juli hopes that participants can ensure that their equipment for the exam is in accordance with Unpad’s stipulations. The specifications needed are a cell phone measuring 4.5 – 6.9 inches or a tablet measuring at least 7 inches, with a minimum operating system of Android Kitkat, minimum RAM of 2 GB, has a free internal memory of at least 200 MB, and free external memory of at least 100 MB. *

Report by Arief Maulana
Translation by Shabrina Maharani

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