Unpad Athletes Contribute Medals at Pomnas

[unpad.ac.id, 9/27/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran delegation won 5 gold, 6 silver, and 8 bronze at the Pekan Olahraga Mahasiswa Nasional (National Student Sports Week – Pomnas) 2019. Pomnas 2019 was held in Jakarta from 19 to 26 September 2019.


According to the Head of Unpad Pomnas Delegation Inu Isnaeni Sidiq, M.A., Ph.D., the achievements of Unpad athletes in Pomnas 2019 increased significantly compared to the previous Pomnas. This improvement in achievement is in accordance with what Unpad previously targeted.

“Increased quite significantly, especially the gold medal. Compared to 2017, number of medals earned increased significantly. Gold went from one to five, and the total medals increased by seven, from 12 to 19 medals, “Inu said when contacted by the Unpad Public Communication Office, Friday (9/27).

The five gold medals earned included two gold from Women’s Team Chess, one gold from Men’s Pencak Silat, one gold from Karate, and one gold from Tarung Derajat.

While the silver medals earned included one from Men’s Indoor Hockey, three from Kempo, one from Tarung Derajat, and one from Swimming.

The bronze medals came from Women’s Indoor Hockey (one medal), Women’s Team Chess (one medal), Women’s Doubles Tennis (one medal), mixed group Kempo (one medal), Badminton (two medals), and Swimming (two medals).

To face the next Pomnas, Inu also hoped for better preparation. In addition to quality improvement in the training process, athletes are also expected to actively participate in competitions to improve their competences.

“For future Pomnas, it is hoped that the process of coaching and training in each sport student activity unit (UKM) can be held in line with their regional sports management programs, including participation in various levels of competition so that athletes can be better trained and ready to compete for Pomnas XVII tickets which is to be held in West Sumatra in 2021, “hoped Inu.

Thus, Unpad athletes also contributed medals to West Java Province. West Java itself was ranked second in the most medals earned at the National Pomnas with a total of 24 gold, 20 silver, and 37 bronze.

I. Gold-medal earners:

1. Women’s Team Chess

  • Vania Vindy Chandra (FISIP)
  • Dewi Fortuna Solina (FISIP)

2. Men’s Pencak Silat

  • Paksi Ghifari N (FIB)

3. Karate

  • Fadila (Fapet)

4. Tarung Derajat

  • Dhafin Arkarizki (FISIP)

II. Silver-medal earners:

1. Men’s Indoor Hockey

  • Alam Fajar Kusuma (Faperta)

2. Kempo

  • Men’s Pair I Dan: Farhan Suherman (Fikom) and Rekiansyi (Farmasi)
  • Women’s Pair Kyukenshi: Dela Sofia (FTIP) and Irma Nurmalasari (Fikom)
  • Mixed Pair I Dan: Farhan Suherman (Fikom)

3. Tarung Derajat

  • Tubagus Khsatria (FTG)

4. Swimming

  • Timotius Mulyadi (Fikom)

III. Bronze-medal earner:

1. Women’s Indoor Hockey

  • Nadia Rosa (FISIP)
  • Citra Purbasari (FISIP)
  • Arina Tri Alkhairi (FISIP)

2. Chess

  • Vania Vindy Chandra (FISIP)
  • Dewi Fortuna Solina (FISIP)

3. Tennis

  • Women’s Double: Putri Intan (FKG Unpad) dan Desy Ratnasari (UPI)

4. Kempo

  • Mixed Group: Farhan Suherman (Fikom), Rekiansyi (Farmasi), Dela Sofia (FTIP), and Irma Nurmalasari (Fikom)

5. Badminton

  • Riki Nur Fajar Rohman (FISIP)

6. Swimming

  • 100m Men’s Freestyle and 4x100m Men’s Freestyle Relay: Timotius Mulyadi (Fikom)*

Report Artanti Hendriyana/am

Translated by Militcyano Samuel Sapulette