Two Unpad Students Represent Indonesia in APEC Edutainment Exchange Program

[, 4/10/2019]

Two Padjadjaran University students became Indonesian delegates in
the 2019 APEC Edutainment Exchange Program (AEEP) in Seoul, South Korea, from September
20 th until 27 th .

Two Padjadjaran University students William Siagian (Management) and Dede Putri Sriyani B (Business Administration) represent Indonesia as delegates in the 2019 APEC Edutainment Exchange Program
(AEEP) in Seoul, South Korea, September 20th until 27th. *

William Siagian (Management student) and Dede Putri Sriyani B (Business Administration student) attended the event held by the Korean Ministry of Education and organized by the Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE).
AEEP 2019 was themed “Social Enterprise as Promoter for Economic Empowerment and Participation of Women in APEC Region” was attended by delegations from various countries. namely Indonesia, Korea, Russia, China, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand,
Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

The event, which is held annually, aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship of young people to become the next generation of global leaders at APEC (The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). Students who came from various countries would form teams with members from different countries, the students were put together in teams based on their common interest in business design and then proceeded with a discussion which would result in the final presentation.
The business plan created by the Dede team stemmed from the problem of high abortion rates in Vietnam. “In Vietnam, people are embarrassed to buy condoms directly. Therefore, my group made a business plan in the form of an application that provides online sex education and condom purchase with a target market of females aged 13-28 years, “explained Dede.
Meanwhile, William’s team made a business plan about the scholarship community. Dede’s team won fourth place while William’s team won third place in the business design competition.
Dede claimed to have broadened her networking and got a lot of experience after becoming a delegate at AEEP 2019. “From here I learned that business is not only about making profit but also about giving a positive impact on the social environment,” said Dede.
In addition, Dede hoped that events like this can be better known by Unpad students. “Activities that are useful like this should be paid more attention to students. Moreover, a lot of current millennial generation has created community empowerment oriented businesses, “said Dede.
On the last day of the 2019 AEEP, the conference and seminar which was presented by representatives from APEC countries explained the problems and solutions in their countries. *
Report by Rana Aushaf / am
Translated by Rizal Fadilah