Treatise of the Unpad Board of Trustees Plenary Session April 13, 2019

[, 15/4/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran Board of Trustees (Majelis Wali Amanat or MWA) held a plenary meeting at the Multipurpose Room of Building I, 3rd Floor of Unpad Campus, Dipati Ukur 35 Bandung, Saturday (4/13). The agenda of the discussion in the plenary session was related to the Election of Unpad Chancellor 2019-2023.

The plenary session was attended by the Chairperson of Unpad MWA, Rudiantara and a number of Unpad MWA members. In addition to discussing the election, this plenary session was also held to heed the Unpad Chancellor’s Accountability Report for the period 2015-2019, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad.

The results of this plenary session produced five treatises. The five treatises include:

1. Receiving the accountability report of the Chancellor of the University of Padjadjaran for the period 2015-2019, with a note that PT. M3 as a subsidiary of Padjadjaran University, has not finished the auditing process. Regarding of that, the audit must be completed within 2 (two) months of the plenary meeting today;

2. Agree that there will be no vacuum of power for Unpad Leaders position;

3. Agree that there is one candidate who cannot be forwarded administratively by referring to a letter from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to the Board of Trustees of Universitas Padjadjaran (Letter numbered: R / 196 / M / KP.03.02 / 2019 dated April 10, 2019);

4. Asking the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to determine the Acting Person (Pelaksana Tugas or Plt.) Of the Chancellor of the Universitas Padjadjaran in accordance with Law Number 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education, with a working period of 6 (six) months from today;

5. Carrying out the Chancellor Election of the Universitas Padjadjaran by paying attention to the letter from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education number: R / 196 / M / KP.03.02 / 2019 dated April 10, 2019 to the Board of Trustees of Universitas Padjadjaran.

The term of office of Unpad Chancellor for the period 2015-2019 ended on April 13. Based on the treatise, all Unpad MWA members agreed to determine the Acting Person (Plt.) for Unpad Chancellor until the Election of 2019-2023 Unpad Rector was completed.

Rudiantara explained, the determination of the Acting Person was immediately carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Determination of Acting Person is thereby in accordance with the laws and regulations.

“(Whether choosing) the Acting Person or not, Kemenristekdikti (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education) will definitely not be careless,” said Rudiantara.

He ensured that this determination for Plt. will not hinder the academic process at Unpad. “It is impossible for Kemenristekdikti to publish their authority so that Unpad does not function. Those in charge of the higher education sector in the Republic are Kemenristekdikti. Unpad Academicians do not need to worry, “said Rudiantara.

Unpad MWA Vice Chairman, Prof. Ida Nurlinda added, later, in the Decree for the Acting Person (Of Chancellor position) there will be detailed information about official duties. “It will not cross out of the legal authority (that is being) granted,” said Prof. Ida. *

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