Three Biology Students from Unpad Win First Place in LIPI Butterfly Identification Competition

[, 13/9/2019] Three students from the Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science won first place in the “Butterfly Race”, a competition held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia – LIPI) at Bogor Botanic Gardens, Sunday (8/9).

Three Biology Students from Universitas Padjadjaran, from left to right: Afifah Agni, Yulia Mustika Sari, and Sarah Mutiara Rahma, Padjadjaran who won first place in the “Butterfly Race”, a competition held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences held at Bogor Botanic Gardens, Sunday (8/9).

The three students were Afifah Agni, Sarah Mutiara Rahma, and Yulia Mustika Sari. They participated in the butterfly identification competition which was held as part of the Bogor Zoology Museum’s 125-year anniversary.

“In short, there are two main activities in the competition, which were observation and identification of butterfly images,” said Yulia when contacted by Office of Public Communication, Thursday (12/9).

In the field observation, participants were asked to observe and identify butterflies directly in Bogor Botanic Gardens. The scoring was based upon notes and sketches made by participants.

The next activity was the butterfly images identification quiz. Participants were asked to identify 25 butterfly images in 25 minutes.

The participants in the competition consisted of both students and the general public. The butterfly identification had to be done without books or any other kind of guide materials.

Afifah, Sarah, and Yulia said that their reason for participating in the competition was to gain more experience and knowledge. The three considered the butterfly identification competition that was rarely held.

“At first we were surprised. We did not expect to win since we had many competitors from different backgrounds, there were competitors from the butterfly lover community who were butterfly experts, there were also students from other universities. Thus, we are grateful that what we’ve done was not done in vain,” said Afifah.

Afifah, Sarah, and Yulia also hoped for more people to be interested in research about insects, because insects play important roles in the ecosystem.

“Besides that, hopefully, there will more events about insects held,” hoped Yulia.

Report by Artanti Hendriyana/am

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