These are Effective Tips to Overcome Anxiety

[, 9/27/2019] Anxiety is basically caused by a systematic way of thinking. According to a Lecturer or Psychologist in the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Padjadjaran, Airin Triwahyuni, M.Psi., the overgeneralization or making excessive generalization has become a way of thinking that is often not realized by humans.

Lecturer or Psychologist at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Padjadjaran, Airin Triwahyuni, M.Psi., is delivering material in the class “Belajar Mengenal Kecemasanmu” (Get to Know Your Anxiety) in Building 2 of the Faculty of Psychology, Unpad Campus in Jatinangor, Friday (9/27). (Photo: Femizal Usra) *

“If there is one problem that makes us anxious, then other things that are in line with that problem will be avoided. Though not necessarily other things are problems too,” Airin said in the workshop class “Get to Know Your Anxiety “in Building 2 Faculty of Psychology, Jatinangor Unpad Campus, on Friday (9/27).

“When we know that we’re having anxiety, we can control it and we will still be able to move productively. If we’re not aware, it will become a problem, “Airin said. She said the source of anxiety can vary from person to person. Therefore, each individual must be able to recognize their own anxiety.

Airin also explained some tips for overcoming anxiety in everyday life. Sitting and breathing deeply can be done before starting activities that tend to trigger anxiety.

In addition, drawing can be done to symbolize the source of anxiety. “We can channel anxiety sources into activities that require a great focus,” Airin said.

Overcoming anxiety can also be done by imagining a favorite place. “Through the diary that we write every day, we can see what symptoms of anxiety that appear most often. We then analyze and try to find the source of anxiety, said Airin.

Through this class, students are expected to overcome anxiety so it won’t interfere with academics. “We hope students can know themselves, their weaknesses and then find solutions to overcome that anxiety,” Airin said.

Around 20 Unpad students from various study programs were also presented in the class which was held by the Unpad Counselling Center. Students are asked to practice their anxiety through a variety of activities presented in front of the class.

In addition, students are also asked to fill out a paper containing the factors of feelings, physical symptoms, ways of thinking and behavioral patterns that are in accordance with their own condition to identify possible triggers for anxiety. *

Reported by Rana Aushaf/am

Translated by Trisha Adelia

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