The Unpad Notary Student Association Holds the Padjadjaran Notarial Fair

[, 3/18/2019] Ikatan Mahasiswa Notariat (Notarial Law Student Association) (Imno) Master of Notarial Law of the Unpad Faculty of Law held the Padjadjaran Notarial Fair (PNF) event with the slogan “Challenges [sic] Your Skill and Complete Your Deeds with Us” at the Unpad campus, Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung, March 15-16.

Head of the Master of Notarial Law program at Universitas Padjadjaran, Dr. Isis Ikhwansyah, while opening the Padjadjaran Notarial Fair (PNF). *

The committee chairman of the event, Fansharry Fahrunizarrahman, explained that the PNF event is a tribute to the founders of the Unpad Master of Notarial Law, including Notary Komar Andasasmita, S.H., Prof. Dr. Rochmat Soemitro, S.H., and Notary Noezar, S.H., who have contributed their ideas and dedication for the continuation of the Unpad Master of Notarial Law.

Fansharry further explained that the PNF event was the first activity held by Imno Unpad and also served as a pioneer in national notarial law competitions. By becoming a pioneer, the PNF is expected to be a barometer of similar legal competitions that will be held by other universities.

“The PNF raises ideas, themes, and new and fresh competitions that challenge participants to explore as much as possible their knowledge of law, especially notarial law. In the first event this year, PNF held a deed making competition, a notary practice simulation, and a public lecture,” said Fansharry.

PNF’s main series of activities include legal competitions involving teams consisting of Masters of Notarial Law students from across Indonesia.

During the deed making competition and notary practice simulation, participants are required to create new notions that will be useful for the notary profession in the future. During the first stage – or the preliminary round – participants form a Legal Opinion (LO) and a deed in the form of a document based on a predetermined case study.

This document will be assessed by judges consisting of Masters of Notarial Law and FH Unpad, the leading academics and legal practitioners in Indonesia, as well as the Indonesian Notary Association (INI).

At the end of the simulation session there shall be a question and answer process from the judges to the participants. The team with the best score will be the winner. In addition, 1 (one) person will be chosen as the best Notary Actor.

The winners will receive the Komar Andasasmita rolling trophy, the Prof. Rochmat Soemitro trophy, and the Noezar Award for the best notary actor. *

Rilis / am | Translated by Shabrina M.

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