The Government Invites Universities to Help Overcome Stunting

[, 25/6/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran puts a special attention in prevention and deterrent of stunting in Indonesia, especially in West Java. This special attention has been realized in various public service activities and studies done by some units in Unpad.

A photo taken in the workshop “Universities’ Role in Stunting Prevention in Indonesia” at the Unpad Multipurpose Room, Building 2 4th floor, Dipati Ukur street No. 35, Bandung, Monday (24/6).

This was addressed by the dean of Unpad Faculty of Medicine, Setiawan, dr. AIFM when opening the workshop “Universities’ Role in Stunting Prevention in Indonesia” at the Unpad Multipurpose Room, Building 2 4th floor, Dipati Ukur street No. 35, Bandung, Monday (24/6).

Furthermore, Dr. Setiawan told that this year Unpad has become the university appointed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health to do supervision in stunting prevention in Cirebon regency.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dewi Marhaeni Diah Herawati, drg., M.Si from Unpad Faculty of Medicine as the person in charge of the program told that there must be a mutual concern from all parties involved in the stunting problem as well as nutrition problems in general, including coordination and quality of human resources problems.

Regarding that problem, universities can help solving the problem through planning, acting, monitoring, and evaluating the stunting prevention programs by the government, especially in regency level. In 2019, the Indonesian Ministry of Health Directorate of Nutrition form a partnership with 17 universities in Indonesia to accompany the regency-level government in managing the stunting prevention programs.

Head of the activity Dr. Fathurachman,dr., Sp.OT, M.Kes told that the workshop is conducted with the intention to build a mutual understanding about nutrition problems; the government’s role and the university’s role in supervision. In this activity, signing of a mutual commitment was done by all deans in Unpad as well as present participants.

The event started with a workshop and explanations from various speakers continued by intensive discussion between the Unpad Stunting Study Form with the speakers and representative from the Presidential staff office Dr. Brian Sri Prahastuti, dr., M.kes and TNP2K Ekki Syamsulhakim, MAppEc.

The panel discussion led by Dr. Deni K. Sunjaya, dr., DESS, who is also the head of the Unpad Faculty of Medicine Magister of Public Health Sciences program. He said that the importance of forming a mutual perception is to answer the biggest challenge of all, doing this multi-sector program effectively.

In this opportunity, the mutual perception in university about prevention and deterrent of stunting was brought out by the speaker from the Indonesian Ministry of Health told by Hj. Eni Gustina, dr., MPH as Sesditjen Kesemas.

Other than that, speakers presented were Prof. Endang L. Achadi, dr. M.PH, Dr. PH and Dini Latief, dr.,M.Sc, SpGK from the Indonesian Nutrition Institution as well as Dean of Unpad Faculty of Medicine Dr. med. Setiawan, dr., AIFM.

This event was attended by dean by various faculties in Unpad, education staff, members of Unpad Stunting Prevention Forum. This event was also attended by invitees from the West Java Public Health Office: West Java, Garut regency, Cirebon regency, and Bandung city Public Health Offices.

Release by FK Unpad/art
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani