The Canadian Ambassador for Indonesia: The Future of Indonesia is in the Hands of the Younger Generation

[, 26/3/2019] The Canadian Ambassador for Indonesia H.E. Peter MacArthur invite the academic society in Universitas Padjadjaran to take an active role in supporting democracy in Indonesia. The concern was said in the public lecture “Diversity, Inclusion, and Democracy” in Bale Sawala, Rectorate Building, Unpad, Jatinangor Campus, Tuesday (26/3).

The Canadian Ambassador for Indonesia H.E. Peter MacArthur giving a public lecture “Diversity, Inclusion, and Democracy” in Bale Sawala, Rectorat Building, Unpad Jatinangor Campus, Tuesday, (26/3). (Photo: Tedi Yusup)

MacArthur said, Canada and Indonesia both have diverse people. To achieve success in diversity, an inclusive society is needed.

“It means, everyone must have the same right and chance regardless of gender, race, religion, or others,” said Peter MacArthur.

In MacArthur’s opinion, an inclusive society will give a better result for every group in society, including the majority group. The best way to form an inclusive society is to have a representative democracy.

“In a democracy that is truly representative, it’s very important for every person to use their right to vote and think critically to decide whom to vote,” spoke MacArthur.

The ambassador also encourage the students to use their right to vote properly. In his opinion, one vote can mean a lot for the future of a nation. One’s suffrage is also a big responsibility for every individual, therefore critical thinking is necessary.

“Your vote is important. Your vote will make a difference,” said MacArthur.

MacArthur compared it to making financial, career, or education decisions that often require critical thinking. The same kind of critical thinking is also needed when one wants to determine the future of a nation.

“Remember, the future of Indonesia is in your hands,” the ambassador stated.

In choosing a candidate, MacArthur also advised to ignore the media and pay attention to the actual problem. It’s important to observe all the hate speech and issues that tear the nation apart, as well as to learn further about what each candidate offers.

The ambassador even said that it’s important to talk to a colleague that has a different view from yours, at least to learn it. “You don’t have to agree with their views, but you must consider it,” told MacArthur.

Meanwhile, Unpad rector Prof Tri Hanggono Achmad said that complexity in diversity is a challenge that we must face. The diversity he spoke of is not just difference in race and religion, but also difference in majors and professions. Diversity has become more complex with the digital era.

“For the young, a classic diversity shouldn’t be a problem anymore,” said the rector.

According to him, interdependency should be the keyword to answer the challenge. Interdependency is something that one must have over collaboration.

“Interdependency is a must, because all of us depend on each other,” he said.

Report by Artanti Hendriyana/am.
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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