I choose to study in Indonesia because my love to Indonesia

I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the students attracted to the ‘Developing Countries Partnership’ program by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia. Having a strong background in theory of International relations, the Post-Graduate program in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) helped me strengthen my skills in international relations and political sciences and exposed me to a variety of real world problems where international relations and political science is very important.

I like the hands-on approach of the courses at UNPAD because it has taken my learning beyond theory. I have learnt to apply my knowledge through experiences like giving presentations, working in teams, and active involvement in our tutorials. I feel better prepared to get into the workforce because of it. I also like that our lecturers use real-life examples in their teaching.

I think that UNPAD and especially its international office invests a lot in students; they really look after us. I love the environment here – the University is centrally located and has beautiful green parks and great places to relax and to have coffee. I’ve met so many nice people and made really good friends here. Must say that Indonesian people are one of the most hospitable and kind people in the world. Experiences I got here have broadened my horizon and really changed my view about many things.