Support Learning, a Number of Alumni Grant 8 Laptops to Unpad Students

[, 5/22/2019] In this month of Ramadan, a number of Universitas Padjadjaran alumni provide laptops for use for their juniors. This laptop is an implementation of the “Laptop for Friends” program initiated by a number of Unpad lecturers.

An alumni representative from Padjadjaran University gave 8 laptops which were symbolically received by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Industrial Technology Unpad, Dr. Edy Suryadi, Ir., M.T., atthe Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Industrial Technology, Universitas Padjadjaran, Tuesday (21/5).

The handover of the laptop was held at the Unpad Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Industrial Technology, Tuesday (5/21). A total of 8 laptop units worth Rp 30 million were given by six new Unpad graduates representing start-up businesses. This laptop is given to 8 students in Unpad.

Dean of FTIP Unpad, Dr. Edy Suryadi, Ir., M.T., appreciated this “Laptop for Friends” program. “Laptop is a very important tool for students because it is one of the drivers of enthusiasm for learning,” said Dr. Edy in the release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office.

The initiator of the “Laptop for Friends” program which is also Deputy Dean of FTIP Unpad, Dr. Dwi Purnomo said, this program is an opportunity for novice business people in Unpad to build social care.

He explained, this laptop grant can be a provision for acceleration for students who have economic limitations so that they can help the learning process better.

“Furthermore, it is expected to inspire students to have greater capacity through entrepreneurial institutions,” said Dr. Dwi.

These beneficiaries are students who are economically limited to being able to buy a laptop. The recipient criteria themselves have been determined by the faculties, FTEM BEM, and donors.

Interestingly, donors had also felt limited to buying a laptop previously when they were still studying at Unpad. “The idea is so that it can accompany all the lectures and accelerate them, so a laptop will be a good friend for a minimum of four years of college,” concluded Dr. Dwi.*

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