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Welcome Note

Universitas Padjadjaran would like to invite you to our Summer Program in Bandung – Pangandaran, Indonesia. This program is one of our projects to show our international links in a compact 14 days program which is open to any current students both domestic and international. Our 14 days Summer Program will be held in Bandung and Pangandaran coastal village (July 9 – 22). We offer some exciting program includes cultural programs such as traditional dance and music lesson, academic program, social activities, Indonesian language lesson, exploring geopark and coast, and many more!

We also would like to invite experts and top management of companies in Indonesia related to our theme “Living in The Disruption Era: Opportunity and Challenges of Technology” so it will give us insight about how we should do to overcome this era. Not only get the lecture, you also may come to their factories to see the process of making their products.


UNPAD has good system and constant development.

Mouna Boulghami - International Student

5 tahun di FFUP itu waktu yang luar biasa dan unforgettable time buat saya. Semua staf dan tim dosen dan most of all all dear friends membuatnya !!! Time flies fast pas saya belajar disini selama 5 tahun dan setiap moment itu spesial

Seung Hyun Kim - International Student

About Unpad Summer Program 2018

The annual 14 days-program held by university which consists of cultural activities, lectures, discussion with business practitioners also company/manufacture visits, group work and presentation. This year’s program will be held in Bandung Campus and Pangandaran coastal villages.

Who should join this program?

Any Undergraduate or Master students who are interested to learn about Indonesia, Indonesian culture and the coastal life in West Java, you are most welcome to apply!

The Outcome of this program

Participants will be divided into few groups which will be assigned in to different villages. Each group should develop a proposal on how to improve the quality life of their villages. The examples of proposals: improving the general health of people, increasing the villages income, or promoting the village as touristic destination.

The final result of each group be presented to the local government and publish them on the website you build during the project.

Predeparture Research Activities

Before coming to our summer program, we would like you to explore ideas from your home country. What is the most recent development of technology company which become successful in your home country.

Write an essay maximum of 2000 words answering these questions:

  • What social problems that the technology application/website/software are solved by this company?
  • Why do you think they can be successful?
  • How do you think this company can go bankrupt some day?

Win Some Prizes

You can win many prizes in our summer program and our games such as:

  1. Best Essay
  2. Best Group’s Website
  3. Best Group’s performance
  4. Best Participant in Cultural Activites
  5. The Most friendly participant
  6. The Most Enthusiastic participant
  7. Many more…

Program Agenda


Other Information

How to Get to Bandung?

If your flight arrives at Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta, you can take shuttle to Bandung (such as Cititrans). The fee is around IDR 180,000 – IDR 220.000 (USD 20)


In Bandung you will be staying in University’s hotel facility.

Visa Information

Foreigner with Visa Exemption facilities will be granted Visit Stay Permit for 30 (thirty) days; Not Extendable and Can not be converted into another type of stay permit
Visa on Arrival (35US$, 30 days valid, extendable (once for 30 days) There are 169 free visa countries, please visit official immigration website to check whether your country is on the list.


Please make a fee payment of USD 250 (International applicants); USD 100 (Unpad students) to:

Bank Name : BNI46 (Bank Negara Indonesia)
Account Number : 9882340540101063

Payment Deadline : June 25th, 2018

What to Bring in your Backpack

  • Light clothes, Bandung is about 23-29 Celcius all year round. Pangandaran is about 32-37 Celcius.
  • Personal medicine and snack. We encourage you to bring traditional snack of your country to share with others participants. Participants are also encouraged to share their traditional music and dances.
  • You may bring something unique about your country (flag, or traditional dress) for photo sessions and international day.
  • More formal dress (long sleeves) for meeting with Government and Village officials.
  • Modest Swim Wear. Bikini is not very common in Indonesia.
  • Umbrella. Bandung and Pangandaran often have rain in the afternoon.

Living in The Disruption Era:
Opportunity and Challenges of Technology