SPM Gives “Socialization of Major Accreditation Instruments 4.0” Roadshow

[unpad.ac.id, 8/7/2019] In order to improve the quality of major accreditation in each faculty, the Quality Assurance Unit (SPM) of Universitas Padjadjaran conducted a roadshow “Socialization of Major Accreditation Instruments (IAPS) Version 4.0” to every faculty in Unpad. This event was held from 4th to 16th July 2019.

“Socialization of Major Accreditation Instruments (IAPS) Version 4.0” done by Universitas Padjadjaran Quality Assurance Unit to every faculty in Unpad.

This activity was held in accordance with the new instruments launched by National University Accreditation Institution (BAN-PT) for the accreditation of majors in university. The instruments based on output and outcome is known by Major Accreditation Instrument 4.0 (IAPS 4.0).

Head of Unpad Quality Assurance Unit Dr. Hj. Rd. Funny Mustikasari Elita, M.Si, explained that the activity is intended to give the newest information regarding IAPS 4.0 with 9 criteria. This activity is not just socialization, but also an early preparation, because there are new instruments that must be adjusted.

“With the new instruments implemented, the strategy of each faculty and the university is impacted. There must be an adjustment to the new instruments and assessments. The instruments based on these 9 criteria is applied starting April 1st 2019 and is already adjusted with international standards, in the hope that university graduates are of high quality, is innovative and entrepreneurial, can communicate and collaborate with other parties that can give satisfaction not only for local users but also international,” explained Dr. Funny.

In addition, Dunny also explained that the difference between the old instruments and the new is in its grading and weight. In IAPS 4.0, universities must make a Major Performance Report (LKPD) and Self Evaluation Report (LED) according to the 9 criteria. The difference is also the proponent of accreditation that’s now done by Major Maintenance Unit not the Major itself.

Nonetheless, quality measurement is more weighted on the process, output and outcome, That way, the measurement focuses on quality more than quantity.

Dr. Funny encouraged major management to start applying the need for data and information in accordance to the new instrument.

Told by Dr. Funny, the focus of the new instrument is students. With more students, there should be more achievement.

“Develop the existing skills, how they can innovate, create activities based on each of their achievements, have students take part in the lecturer’s research. Other than that, create classes that has a uniqueness to that major so it can be chosen by international students. Majors have to collaborate with outside parties and build networking,” told Dr. Funny.

Dr. Funny said that the results of the IAPS 4.0 Accreditation is told by status “Accredited” and “Not Accredited” and ranked “Good”, “Very Good”, and “Excellent”.

This socialization invited Dean, Vice Dean, Head and Manager of Department, Pusdi, the managers, as well as students.

Release: Wati Sukmawati/art
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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