Registration for Kemenristekdikti 2019 Indonesian Student Business Competition is Open!

[, 03/20/2019]

The Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher
Education (Kemenristekdikti) through the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs is back to holding the Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI) for this year, 2019. The program, which began in 2017, aims to increase the number of students involved entrepreneurship.

Chairperson of the Business Incubator Center / Oorange of Padjadjaran University, Diana Sari, PhD, when socializing the Kemenristekdikti Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI) 2019 in front of students at Bale Sawala Rectorate Building Jatinangor, Wednesday (20/3). (Photo: Arief Maulana) *

The Chairperson of the Business Incubator Center / Oorange of Padjadjaran University, Diana Sari, PhD, explained that KBMI encourages the growth of entrepreneurial character among Indonesian students. The program also seeks to develop innovative and creative technology-base entrepreneurship.

When socializing the KBMI 2019 program at Bale Sawala Rectorate Building Jatinangor, Wednesday (20/3), Diana also explained, KBMI’s important point is to help students to determine the uniqueness of technology-based businesses by finding the right market gap to increase chances of business success.

“Uniqueness is an important thing in business. If you continue to do business just like the others, it would give no competitive advantage, “Diana said in front of the students participating in the socialization.

This year, Unpad expects a number of students to compete in KBMI so that a lot of potentialyoung entrepreneurs in Unpad are able to develop their skill at this competition. Last year, there were only 4 teams from Unpad participating in the KBMI.

“We are very confident that the business plans from Unpad students are spectacular. The potential (that) Unpad (has) is (shown by the number of teams that passed last year, which are) more than 4 teams in 2018,” she explained.

Consisting of 3-5 people for each group, KBMI participants are active students enrolling in Diploma and Bachelor education programs. Forming a team of people from different major is allowed, as long as they are from the same university.

Student applicants can only submit one proposal for a group. The submission of proposals is done by completing the online form and uploading the documents along with the supporting evidence on the PKMI SIM page Each registering group of participants must be legalized by their respective university.

The agenda for the KBMI 2019 consists of proposals submission, desk evaluations and stipulations, mentoring and training, monitoring and evaluation, and KMI expos. The group that receives the KBMI assistance will be the participant of the KMI Expo which is going to be held at Batam State Polytechnic Riau Islands, 8 – 11 November 2019.

Diana also expects the participating students to scrutinize the proposals which they are going to submit so that the proposal can truly portray their creative ideas.

“It could be that the idea is good but (they are not good at) showcasing it. (If that is the case, you will fail at the desk evaluation step,” she said. If they pass, the group will receive a grant from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) and business accompaniment from their university. The grant ranges from IDR 10 million to IDR 40 million.

The KBMI proposal itself is open from March 9 to April 25, 2019.
The socialization is then continued with a business presentation session from the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Dr. Dwi Purnomo and FEB Unpad Lecturer Dr. Asep Mulyana. *

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Report by Arief Maulana
Translation by Zaki Intan Cindyagita