President Director of PT. Pertani: Supply Chain Efficiency Plays a Role in Stabilizing Food Prices

[, 4/3/2019] The president director of PT. Pertani, Febriyanto, said that the government has an important role in maintaining the stability of the national food prices. This is because the food sector is a vital sector that has to be fulfilled in the daily basis by the people of Indonesia.

“Most of the public allocates almost half of their earnings per capita to the food sector,” stated Febriyanto when he was giving a “Seri Kuliah Umum Dirut BUMN” (Public Lecture from President Directors of Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises Series) public lecture, taking place in Bale Sawala, Unpad rectorate building, Jatinangor, Monday (4/3).

The important factor that influences the stability of food prices is supply chain management. This process involves producer from upstream sector to consumers in its downstream sector.

Febriyanto explained, the food logistic process determines its distribution food. How high or stable food prices in a region depends on the distribution process. If the distribution process is slow or hampered, commodity prices tend to increase.

This supply chain management has become the government’s concern. Through good management, the government pushes to make the supply chain management as efficient as possible. Infrastructure repairs and development is one of the ways to speed up logistics.

“Infrastructure development is done by the government to cut the supply chain,” spoke Febriyanto.

The Unpad Doctorate of Business Management alumni explained, as a state-owned enterprise in the food sector, PT. Pertani has found a number of challenges, especially in managing the food distribution pattern.

Previously, the distribution pattern from the seven regions seemed to be random. One center in the region could deliver food to any region. This condition is assessed to be less efficient by Febriyanto.

Bit by bit, Febriyanto established a more effective distribution pattern. Through academic approach, he arranged the distribution pattern. As a result, PT. Pertani could save hundreds of million rupiah in the distribution process.

“This supply chain technique was taught by Prof. Ernie Trisnawati Sule (Professor in Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Economics and Business),” explained Febriyanto.


Reported by Arief Maulana